Policy 5.3.1 - Overview of Student Rights

The following is an overview of basic student rights. For more specific information concerning these and other rights, students are directed to review the specific policy or procedure dealing with the issue of concern. The provisions and language contained in specific policies and procedures control over this Policy.

A. Students are free to pursue their educational goals. The College shall provide appropriate opportunities for learning in the classroom and on the campus. Student performance will be evaluated solely on an academic basis and not on opinions or conduct in matters unrelated to academic standards. For more information regarding attendance and academic standards, see polices contained in the Policy Manual, Section 5.2 – Attendance and Academics.

B. Students have the right to freedom of expression, inquiry and assembly without restraint or censorship, subject to reasonable and non-discriminatory rules and regulations regarding time, place and manner. For more information, consult Policy 2.3.5 – Campus Free Speech, Distribution of Material and Assembly.

C. Students have the right to inquire about and to propose improvements in policies, regulations and procedures affecting the welfare of students through established student government procedures, campus committees and College offices.

D. The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (“FERPA”) provides safeguards regarding the confidentiality of and access to student records and the College shall adhere to the FERPA laws and regulations. Students and former students have the right to review their official records and to request a grievance if they challenge the contents of these records. No records shall be made available to unauthorized personnel or groups outside the College without the written consent of the student involved or if a legal exception applies. For more information, consult Policy 5.4.3 – Student Records – FERPA.

E. No disciplinary sanctions, other than temporary removal from class or activity (only for duration of said activity) may be imposed upon any student without due process. For more information concerning student due process rights with respect to disciplinary situations, consult Policy 5.3.2 – Student Code of Conduct.

F. Students have the right to voluntarily withdrawn from courses under certain criteria.

For more information, consult Policy 5.2.2 – Withdrawal from Courses.

G. Students have the right to be free from discrimination, harassment and sexual violence while attending the College and accessing the College’s programs and opportunities. For more information, consult Policy 5.3.4 Discrimination and Harassment.

Adopted: January 8, 2020