Policy 5.2.6 - Academic Standards of Progress

Each student is expected to maintain satisfactory academic progress toward a degree, diploma or certificate. At the end of each term, a student’s term and cumulative GPA are reviewed. Special standards of progress for Associate Degree Nursing, Dental Assisting, Medical Assisting, and Practical Nursing students are published in the respective handbooks for these majors. Special standards are also in place for the Gunsmithing program; the standards are published in the program handbook. Standards for students enrolled in any of these programs supersede standards for students enrolled in other programs at MCC

A. Academic Alert: If a student’s GPA falls below 2.0, the student will be placed on academic alert. Academic alert is a non-punitive intervention that serves to alert the student, the counselors, and instructors to potential academic issues. Students on academic alert must discuss their academic status with their faculty advisor or other designated college representative. If the term GPA improves at the end of the next term, the student returns to a good standing status.

B. Academic Probation: A student whose term GPA remains below a 2.0 for two consecutive terms will be placed on academic probation. Students on academic probation are required to consult with the counselor or other designated college representative and may be required to reduce their course load, repeat courses, or register for foundational studies classes to strengthen their educational background. Students failing to see a counselor or designated college representative by the end of the term in which they are notified of probationary status will not be allowed to re-enroll for the next term. Students may remove themselves from academic probation by reestablishing the minimum GPA standing for credit hours attempted.

C. Academic Suspension: A student whose term GPA remains below a 2.0 for a third consecutive term will be placed on academic suspension for one term. Students on suspension may register for Continuing Education courses, but may not register for curriculum courses during the suspension period unless approved by the counselor after consultation with the student’s program advisor. At the discretion of the counselor and with concurrence of the advisor, students may request a waiver of the one term suspension to continue their studies. The counselor and advisor will review the reasons for the request and determine if a waiver is justified. Suspended students who request and receive approval to register must adhere to the requirements established by the counselor.

Adopted: January 8, 2020