Procedure - Academic Expectations

I. Student Expectations of Faculty

The College faculty pledges to provide the highest level of service possible to all of its students all of the time. To this end, it is reasonable for students to expect that faculty will:

A. Provide a syllabus that outlines the content and objectives of the course and spells out the instructor’s grading and attendance policies.

B. Be a professional who will treat each student respectfully, equally and honestly.

C. Start class on time, be prepared and use effective teaching strategies to promote learning of the subject material activities for the full time allotted for all classes.

D. Strive to create a positive environment in which students may pursue learning.

E. Be accessible and approachable.

F. Provide timely and consistent feedback regarding student progress.

G. Provide reasonable assistance on an individual basis as may be necessary and

H. Preserve the academic integrity of the course.

II. Faculty Expectations of Students

The College is an institution for adult learning. It is a partnership between instructors with the desire to teach and students with the desire to learn. To this end, faculty believe it is reasonable to expect that students will:

A. Treat other students and faculty with respect and treat the classroom as a professional environment.

B. Accept the challenge of collegiate studying, thinking, and learning.

C. Anticipate that the level and quantity of work in some courses will exceed prior experiences.

D. Be informed about instructors’ policies presented in the course syllabus, as well as the College’s policies and procedures.

E. Attend all classes, except when emergencies arise.

F. Adhere to class start times and end times that are prescribed.

G. Be an active participant in class.

H. Study course material routinely.

I. Refrain from any behavior that may distract others.

J. Silence all cell phones, pagers and other communications devices in every class.

K. Use the Internet for valid, academic purposes while in any campus computer lab.

L. Transact personal business with the instructor (such as asking him or her to sign forms) before instruction begins or after class.

M. Do not compromise or surrender your integrity, ethics or morals.

Adopted: January 8, 2020