Policy 5.2.2 - Withdrawal from Courses

I. Student Voluntary Withdrawal from Course(s)

A. Ten Percent (10%) Census Date

1. On-cycle sections (a regularly scheduled course section offered consistent with an academic period): A student may withdraw from an on-cycle section for a partial refund on or before the official ten percent (10%) census date of the semester. On-cycle sections are typically 16- week fall or spring semesters and 8-week summer semesters.

2. Off-cycle sections (a regularly schedule course section that is not offered consistent with an academic period): After an off-cycle course section has begun, a student may withdraw from the section for a partial refund on or before the ten percent (10%) census date of the section. Off-cycle sections operate on a shorter time span than what is typical for the semester. Fall or spring off-cycle sections might include 12-week or 8-week sessions. Summer off-cycle sections might operate on a 4- or 6-week basis.

For more information on tuition/fee refunds, see Policy 6.1.4 – tuition/Fee Refunds. In the case of withdrawal on or before the official ten percent date (10%) date, the withdrawn course(s) will not be included on the transcript.

B. Seventy Five Percent (75%) Date

At any point prior to the seventy five percent (75%) date of the semester, a student may voluntarily withdraw from his/her courses. A student withdrawing prior to the seventy-five percent (75%) date will receive a grade of “W” for each course dropped.

If a student withdraws after the seventy-five percent (75%) date, the instructor will initially determine if the grade received will be a “W” or a “F.” If the instructor has requested the grade of “F” but there are extenuating circumstances (i.e., medical, job relocation, etc.) that have contributed to a student’s decision to withdraw after the seventy-five percent (75%) date, the Vice President of Student Services (“Vice President”) may override the instructor’s grade request and assign the grade of “W.” The option to override the grade of “F” will be discussed with the appropriate instructor prior to either grade being posted to the student’s transcript. The Vice President may require supporting documentation from the student to justify the decision to grant a “W.”

It is the student’s responsibility to officially withdraw from course(s) if he/she cannot meet the requirements of the course. The student should first consult his/her instructor or advisor before withdrawing. Students receiving financial aid should also consult a financial aid advisor before withdrawing. Withdrawing from a course could substantially delay the completion of the student’s program of study and may impact future financial aid eligibility. To officially withdraw, the student must submit a completed withdrawal form to the Enrollment Office.

Students who stop attending any course must officially withdraw from the course in order to ensure that they will not receive a “FA,” a grade indicating that the student has failed the course based on attendance issues. In the case of an official withdrawal submitted by the established deadlines, the student will receive a “W” which will not impact the grade point average but will appear in the student’s official transcript.

All applicable deadlines will be published in the College’s official calendar.

II. Student Involuntary Withdrawal from Course(s)

A. Students who register for a course and do not attend classes prior to ten percent (10%) will be dropped by the instructor.

B. A student must be present for at least eighty percent (80%) of a curriculum class to be counted in attendance for that class. Some classes/programs have stricter attendance requirements than the 80% minimum. Any student who exceeds the number of allowable absences based on the attendance policy for that class will be unofficially withdrawn from the class by the instructor; a grade of “FA” will be assigned. Students who officially withdraw from a class prior to the seventy-five percent (75%) point of the semester may receive a grade of “W” rather than “FA” if approved by the Vice President, after consultation with the instructor. Information on attendance requirements will be included on the course syllabus.

C. Students may be involuntarily withdrawn from courses for disciplinary reasons subject to the student discipline policies.

D. Students may be involuntarily withdrawn from courses where their continued presence creates a threat to the health and safety to self and/or others. A student may appeal the decision through the grievance process.

Adopted: January 8, 2020