Procedure - General Admissions Procedures

Admission to the College does not guarantee immediate acceptance to the curriculum program
desired by the applicant. Admission to certain programs may have additional specific entrance
requirements. Students may have to complete basic skills or developmental level courses before
being accepted into their desired academic curriculum program.

The Vice President of Instruction and Student Services administers all admissions requirements and enforces all
College admission policies and procedures.

I. Curriculum Programs

A. Diploma and Degree Seeking Applicants

For curriculum diploma and degree seeking applicants, all applicants must:

1. Submit a completed application for admission.

2. Provide an official high school transcript or an official GED score from a regionally accredited institution. These transcripts must include the date the diploma was awarded, the type of diploma and have the institution’s official seal. It must be mailed or electronically transferred from the issuing institution or agency. Current applicants who are high school seniors should submit a transcript showing work through the end of the first semester of the senior year. A final official transcript must then be submitted upon high school graduation, and before enrollment, to be fully accepted. Applicants who have completed an associate’s degree or higher from a regionally accredited post-secondary institution may submit college transcripts with conferred degree awarded in lieu of high school transcripts.

3. Complete the College’s placement test to determine if developmental courses are required before enrollment into college level math or English. If a student is placed into developmental English or math, these courses should be completed during the first two semesters of enrollment.

Placement test minimum scores (“cut scores”) are determined by the North Carolina Community Colleges Developmental English/Reading and Math Redesign committees and approved by the North Carolina Community College Board of Trustees. Cut scores are evaluated on an annual basis.

Test scores are considered valid for a period of five (5) years. When more than five (5) years passes between the time of placement testing and enrollment in applicable course, the student should retest.

Students who complete the College’s placement test are allowed on one retest session on the Reading and English assessment, WritePlacer essay or NC DAP math assessment per year within thirty (30) days of the initial test. Students will be placed according to the most recent test score or highest score obtained. Students who elect to retest will be charged a $5 fee per test. Students may not retest while enrolled in a pre-college course or after an unsuccessful completion of the course. Once students begin the precollege sequence, they must complete it as outlined in their educational plan prior to enrolling in the gateway English or math courses.

Students may waive the placement testing requirements under the following conditions:

a. Documentation of acceptable SAT or ACT scores. To be enrolled directly into first level curriculum English or math course, students would need to have a score of 500 on the applicable (Writing or Critical Reading, and/or Math) portion of the SAT, or a minimum of 18 on ACT English or 22 on ACT Reading, or a minimum of 22 on ACT Mathematics. SAT and ACT examinations must have been taken within the last three (3) years.

b. Results of NC-DAP placement tests taken at another North Carolina Community College System institution, which have been taken within the preceding five (5) years and meet the College’s scores.

c. Transfer credit.

d. Credit by examination.

4. Returning students who are eligible for readmission and who have not been enrolled at the College for two (2) academic semesters must submit a new admission’s application and update residency classification prior to registration. The student is required to meet the curriculum requirements in effect at the time of readmission according to the current College catalog.

Students who have been placed on academic or disciplinary suspension must fulfill the terms of their suspension before being considered for readmission. Students on disciplinary suspension must also submit a letter to the Vice President requesting readmission.

The College reserves the right to deny readmission to a former student, including a student who has unsettled financial obligations at the College or who has not complied with previous disciplinary requirements. All of the student’s debts to the College must be paid in full before registering for courses.

B. Non-Degree Seeking Applicants
Non-degree seeking students are those students who enroll in one or more courses but do not desire to graduate from one of the established curricula. The student may register for any course which is open to all students and does not require a prerequisite. However, if a student plans to register for a course that requires a prerequisite course, the student must submit an official transcript from a regionally accredited institution showing completion of this requirement with a grade of “C” or better prior to registering. An applicant who plans to enroll in mathematics and/or English courses must satisfactorily complete the College placement test requirement. Students may not register for courses in a program that has a waiting list or restricted admission (such as nursing).

Non-degree seeking students are not eligible for financial aid or veterans benefits nor are they permitted to earn any degree, diploma or certificate awarded by the College.

II. Continuing Education Programs

For applicants seeking admission to a continuing education program, all applicants must complete the College’s continuing education registration process and pay the applicable tuition and institutional fees.

III. Certificate Programs

For applicants seeking admission to a certificate program, all applicants must complete the College’s certificate program registration process and pay the applicable tuition and institutional fees. Students who change from certificate programs to diploma or associate degree programs must complete the additional requirements for admission to those programs.

IV. Provisional Admissions

In certain situations, an applicant may be provisionally accepted by the College and permitted to register prior to completion of all admissions requirements. Students who are admitted on a provisional basis must complete all admission requirements within the first semester of attendance. Failure to complete the provisional requirements could result in the student being denied continued admissions for the next semester.

Adopted: September 9, 2019