Policy 4.2.3 - Instructional Material Selection

A. Overall responsibility for seeing that instructional materials are timely ordered rest with each Dean or designee for their academic department.

B. Instructors will order instructional materials utilizing the system developed by the College in partnership with the bookstore vendor. At least every four (4) years, the Board shall review the College’s mark-up on textbooks and other instructional materials sold through the bookstore to determine if the mark-up is appropriately balanced between affordability for students and other priorities identified by the Board.

C. Requests for textbooks and other instruction materials are to be made as soon as possible after the next semester schedule is completed. All requests should specify the course in which the textbooks are to be used.

D. Program Director/Chairperson will be responsible for acquiring textbooks and other instructional materials for adjunct faculty.

E. Where possible, instructors should be mindful of the cost of instructional materials for students.

Adopted: September 9, 2019
Legal Citation: 1H SBCCC 300.3


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