Procedure - Surplus Instructional Material

When books and book-like media (i.e., audio visual materials, CD’s, electronic resources and other learning resources of durable nature) (“Instructional Material”) originally purchased from State or federal funds are no longer useful to the College, the College shall dispose of the Instructional Material as follows:

1. Destroying locally, through standard recycling methods or disposed of by the College through a local sale;

2. Disposing of through a profit-sharing arrangement with a company that resells and recycles Instructional Material;

3. Disposing of through donations to non-profit, tax-exempt organizations, (including the College’s Foundations) or tax-supported agencies or institutions; or

4. Disposing of through a public bid sale by the State Surplus Property Agency.

The College shall maintain records and receipts of each sale for auditing purposes. The College shall use any receipts generated from the sale of surplus Instructional Material to purchase additional Instructional Material.

Adopted: September 9, 2019
Legal Citation: 1H SBCCC 400.2