Policy 4.2.2 - Live Client Projects

Live client projects are defined as:

A. Educational programs in which students, as part of their educational experiences and as part of the instructional course requirements, repair or remodel non-college owned personal or real property; or

B. Educational programs that construct structures that are sold, produce goods that are sold, or provide services for a fee, such structures, goods or services being the normal and necessary product of learning activities of students.

Live client projects are intended to be used exclusively as an educational and learning activity for students and shall not be used as a revenue generating activity nor compete with commercial businesses.

The President is hereby delegated to develop procedures that are consistent with the State Board Code for live client projects.

Live client projects that are owned by private individuals are subject to the guidelines set forth in the Live Client Project Procedures.

Adopted: September 9, 2019
Legal Citation: 1H SBCCC 300.1