Procedure - Curriculum Development

Having updated and relevant curriculum courses and programs is critically important to the success of both the College and its students. For any curriculum issues not otherwise mandated by the North Carolina State Board of Community Colleges (“State Board”) or by another controlling entity, as it becomes necessary to introduce new courses and programs, the following Procedures shall be followed.

A. Instructional employees directly involved in teaching a particular class or within a particular program shall assist in the development of new curricula and in the review of anticipated changes to existing curricula.

Annual meetings shall be held in each academic division for recommending changes in the curricula within that academic division. Instructional employees directly involved with instruction in the curriculum are responsible for preparing written course descriptions and outlines for each new course offered as well as initial feasibility studies, and are encouraged to make requests to the Dean or designee for any new course or curriculum deemed useful to the College and its students.

B. The Vice President for Instruction and Student Services (“Vice President”) shall act as the coordinator for curriculum development and shall work with Dean or designee in conducting further feasibility studies, consulting with industry and business representatives concerning course content and length, as well as other activities necessary to develop a curriculum application.

C. After the Vice President has made an initial review, and after consultation with the Dean or designee, the Vice President may submit the request to the College’s Instruction and Student Services Committee, a group of College administrators and curriculum personnel appointed by the President. Upon review, the Committee shall present its recommendation to the Vice President. The Vice President shall determine if the requested change is substantive. If the requested change is minor (e.g., replacing a course in a program of study), the Vice President may make the necessary change. If the requested change is substantive, or if it involves a new program, the Vice President may present his/her recommendation to the President. Prior to making a recommendation to the President, the Vice President shall ensure that the State Board, all accreditation bodies, and the Board’s policies are followed in the development of a curriculum proposal including providing notice to other community colleges.

D. The President and Vice President of Instruction shall examine the fiscal aspects of proposed curricula or changes in existing curricula and ascertain that the budgetary requirements are within the College’s fiscal capabilities. All new curricula must be approved by the President before it is submitted to the Board.

E. The Vice President shall present the request to the Board or a Board committee regarding the nature of the request, the results of the feasibility study and any other pertinent information requested. The full Board must formally approve the request prior to submission to the North Carolina Community College System Office (“System Office”).

F. The College may officially offer the curriculum for credit after it has been approved by the State Board. The Vice President for Instruction is responsible for all reporting to the System Office and State Board and SACSCOC as required.

G. The continued operation of any curriculum at the College is dependent upon adequate state funds and a sufficient enrollment to make it financially feasible to continue. The College reserves the right to discontinue any program if sufficient funds are not available. In addition, the College shall terminate a curriculum program when there has been no enrollment for (3) three years. The College may request a one-year extension of a curriculum program upon justification of the potential for employment opportunities and student enrollment. The Vice President shall present the extension request to the Board or a Board committee regarding program termination. The full Board must formally approve the extension request prior to submission to the System Office. If the College plans on terminating a curriculum program, the President or designee shall inform the System Office President by submitting a termination notice. The System Office President shall have the program removed from the College’s program approval list.

Adopted: September 9, 2019
Legal Citation: 1D SBCCC 400.6