Procedure - Secondary Employment

In accordance with Policy, MCC employees may be granted the ability to pursue secondary employment so long as that employment does not impede the operations of the college.

Criteria to be approved for secondary employment include, but are not limited to;

  • Secondary employment may not interfere with an employee’s performance of his/her job duties at MCC
  • No work for an employee’s secondary employment position may be conducted during working hours, on campus, or using college resources
  • An employee’s secondary employment may not create/increase competition between MCC and other institutions of higher education (Example: An employee may not act as a recruiter for a rival institution)

Secondary employment will automatically be canceled/non-renewed if any of the criteria for approval are violated, if one of the following conditions or met, or if it is deemed secondary employment is adversely affecting college operations.

Secondary employment shall be canceled if;

  • An employee is placed on an action plan or probation at the college
  • An employee receives an unsatisfactory evaluation
  • An employee takes a leave of absence from the college