Policy 3.2.5 - Annual Leave

I. Amount Earned

Each full-time employee, eligible to earn annual leave, who is working or on paid leave for one-half or more of the workdays in any month earns annual leave. Employees shall earn annual leave rate at the following rate:

Years of Total
State Service
Hours Earned Each Month Hours Granted Each Year Days Granted Each Year
less than 5 9.17 hrs. 110 13.75
5 but less than 10 11.17 hrs. 134 16.75
10 but less than 15 13.17 hrs. 158 19.75
15 but less than 20 15.17 hrs. 182 22.75
20 or more 17.17 hrs. 206 25.75

II. Maximum Accumulation

Annual leave may be accumulated without any applicable maximum until June 30th of each fiscal year. On June 30th of each fiscal year, or upon separation of service, any employee with more than 240 hours of accumulated annual leave shall have the excess (i.e., the amount over 240 hours) converted to sick leave.

III. Advancement

A. Annual leave may be advanced by the President in an amount not to exceed what an employee can earn during the remainder of the fiscal year.

B. For the first six (6) months of service, new employees can only earn annual leave as stipulated in Section I. Thereafter, an employee may be advanced the amount of leave s/he would earn during the remainder of the fiscal year.

C. An employee desiring an advancement of annual leave must submit, in addition to the requested form, a statement of need outlining the circumstances which require use of as-yet-unearned annual leave. Each case will be assessed on its merits and considerations given as to the urgency of the request and the College’s business needs.

IV. Accepted Uses

The primary purpose of annual leave is to allow for employee vacations.

Annual leave may also be requested for other periods of absence for personal reasons, absences due to adverse weather conditions and for personal illness or illnesses in the immediate family when the employee has exhausted sick leave. Annual leave must be exhausted before an employee goes on leave without pay, except in cases of the birth or adoption of a child as covered under Policy 3.2.13 – Family and Medical Leave Act.

V. Other Procedures

A. Scheduling Annual Leave

Annual leave shall be taken only upon authorization of the employee’s supervisor, who shall designate such time or times when it will least interfere with the College’s efficient operation. Employees must request annual leave in advance. A supervisor may deny an employee’s request to use annual leave if the leave would otherwise hinder the efficient operation of the College or the employee has not provided reasonable notice of the request. Annual leave must be taken in units of thirty (30) minute increments.

Only scheduled work hours shall be charged in calculating the amount of annual leave taken. Weekends and/or holidays are charged only if they are scheduled workdays.

B. Separation from Employment

1. Lump sum payment for annual leave is made only at the time of separation from employment. An employee shall be paid in a lump sum for accumulated annual leave not to exceed a maximum of two-hundred forty (240) hours when separated from employment from the College due to resignation, dismissal, reduction-in-force, death or service retirement. Employees retiring on disability retirement may exhaust leave rather than be paid in a lump sum.

2. If an employee separates from employment and is overdrawn on annual leave, deductions will be made from the final salary check. It will be deducted in full hour units, i.e., a full hour for any part of an hour overdrawn. As consideration for providing annual leave, employees voluntarily agree to such deductions from their final pay check.

3. Payment for annual leave will be made on the regular payroll, reflecting the number of days of leave and the amount of payment. Annual leave may be paid through the last full hour of unused leave.

4. Retirement deductions shall be made from all annual leave payouts.

5. The last day of work is the date of separation, except when an employee exhausts sick and annual leave before disability retirement.

C. Transfer of Annual Leave For new employees, the College may accept up to 80 hours of annual leave from other state agencies or local educational entities. The College does not accept other forms of leave (i.e. Bonus Leave) except Sick Leave as defined in Policy 3.4.2.

D. Annual Leave Records The College shall maintain records for annual leave earned and taken for each employee. The College shall retain all annual leave records of all separated employees for a period of at least five years from the date of separation. It is the employee’s responsibility to report any discrepancy or problem with his/her annual leave balance to Human Resources. Adopted: May 8, 2019