Procedure - Professional Dress and Grooming Procedure

As employees of a public higher education institution faculty and staff at Montgomery Community College shall maintain as appropriate appearance and professional image to students, general public, corporate supporters and other users of our services and facilities.

Professional appearance, dress, and good hygiene are expected of all faculty & staff at all times, along with the sensible use of perfumes, colognes, or other products that may affect others in close proximity. Hair should be clean, combed, and neatly trimmed or arranged. What constitutes appropriate dress will vary according to specific job and occasion. Staff whose regular duties entail heavy work or exposure risk should dress as their supervisor or safety standards demand.

The descriptions below are intended to provide general guidelines for faculty and staff. If an employee is unsure of acceptable norms for his/her specific position, he/she should seek guidance from his/her immediate supervisor.

• Business/Field casual is acceptable for most occasions for office and faculty personnel. (Examples: field specific uniforms; cotton blend trousers and collared shirt for men; slacks/dress/skirt and blouse/sweater for women).
• Business attire presents an appropriate professional image when meeting with external constituents while representing the College. (Examples: suit and tie for men; dress or pantsuit for women).
• Unacceptable attire includes, but is not limited to: clothing that is torn, ripped, frayed, wrinkled, or unclean; clothing containing obscene, profane, discriminatory, provocative, or inflammatory words or images; exposed undergarments, t‐shirts with slogans; denim clothing; sweatpants, sweatshirts, leggings and or stirrups, workout attire (including tennis shoes); cutoffs; beach attire; flip‐flops; halter or tank tops; dresses, skirts, or shorts that are excessively short (2 inches or more above the knee); sheer clothing that otherwise is revealing, distracting, or provocative.

Exceptions to the dress code may be granted by the President for special events, on pre-determined occasions, or other situations where casual attire is appropriate.

Adopted February, 2016