Policy 3.4.10 - Wellness

The College supports the physical health and well-being of its employees. Full-time employees may use up to thirty (30) minutes of each working day to participate in wellness activities on campus as approved by their supervisor. Activities may include walking for fitness, participation in exercise class, and use of the campus weight room.

Use of the weight room located in Building 500 will be limited to full-time and permanent part time College employees, Basic Law Enforcement Training (BLET) instructors and students, and students enrolled in curriculum or continuing education courses of which physical education is a required component.

BLET students may utilize the facility during classroom instruction related to physical training and at other times as deemed appropriate by the BLET Director.

Students enrolled in curriculum or continuing education courses, other than BLET, must be under the direct supervision of a certified instructor.

Employees may utilize the facility at times when it is not being used for instructional purposes. A signed risk and release form must be on file in the personnel office prior to any employee using the facility.

No equipment shall be removed from the facility without permission of the BLET Director.

Adopted: June 12, 2019