Policy 3.4.9 - Clubs and Civic Organizations

The College encourage employees to participate in the activities of certain community clubs and civic organizations.

1. Employees are encouraged to seek membership in community clubs and civic organizations where membership will promote the College’s business interests and enhance its image in the community. Employees who participate in clubs or civic organizations may not allow their activities to interfere with job performance, harm or conflict with the College’s interests.

2. The College may identify certain community organizations in which it wants to be represented and then designate employees to be sponsored for membership in them. Employees who are designated for membership act as College representatives in the organization and are expected to promote College interests.

3. Employee participation in club and civic organization activities is not considered hours worked for pay purposes unless it is at the College’s request or under its direction and control.

4. The College will normally consider the following factors when selecting organizations for membership:

a. The nature and purpose of the club or organization;

b. The potential benefit to the College, including the enhancement of the employee’s leadership and organizational skills;

c. The cost to the College;

d. The extent to which the College is already represented in the club or organization; and

e. The employee’s job responsibilities, length of service, and overall qualifications for membership.

5. The College will periodically review its representation in community organizations and make changes it considers appropriate.

6. Employees who are sponsored for membership in community clubs and civic organizations may be eligible for reimbursement for certain expenses. Reimbursable expenses may include but are not limited to dues; special charges; initiation fees; and business-related activities, fees, and meal and entertainment expenses.

7. Employees who are not designated and sponsored for membership in community clubs and/or civic organizations are responsible for their own expenses.

8. Employees must agree to pay back any membership fees or equity interests paid or reimbursed by the College that might be refunded should membership in the club or organization be terminated.

Adopted: June 12, 2019