Procedure - Adverse Weather / Emergency Closings

Extreme weather conditions or other natural disasters or emergencies may require the College to cancel or delay classes in consideration of the safety of both student and employees. Weather conditions must be extreme before classes will be cancelled.

The College will make every attempt to announce a decision to close or operate on a delayed schedule by no later than 7:00 a.m. (usually earlier), and by 2:00 p.m. for evening classes. If no announcement is made, classes will operate on a regular schedule. If the College is closed or delayed, the faculty and staff workday is also cancelled or delayed.

1. The President will notify the Vice-Presidents and other appropriate College personnel of his/her decision and these staff in turn will notify the appropriate media of the decision.

2. In the event the President is out-of-place or is not in a position to make a decision on inclement weather, it will be the responsibility of the Vice-Presidents to make a collaborative decision concerning the action to be taken. Should the President and one or more of the Vice-Presidents be out-of-place or not in a position to make a decision, then it will be the responsibility of the remaining Vice-Presidents to make the decision in a collaborative manner.

3. The announcement will be published on the following television stations and their websites:,, and

4. Any decision to delay or cancel will be available on the automated message of the main campus phone number (910-898-9600) and on the College’s website.

5. A decision to close early will be implemented so that everyone gets the message as close to the same time as possible. No classes are to dismiss before receiving an official message. A decision to close means that faculty and staff may also leave after reasonably assuring all students in their charge have been released. Any exception to the early release of faculty and staff will be announced.

6. There could be a distinction made between day and evening classes.

Adopted: May 8, 2019