Policy 3.1.5 - Re-employment of Retired State Employees

The College recognizes that a retired state employee has valuable experience to offer. The College further recognizes that the age of the College and the longevity of many employees will predicate an increase in retirements.

The College may employ retirees of the State of North Carolina when such employment is necessary for the College’s efficient and effective operation. Such employment will be authorized by the President. Retirees are subject to a mandatory six (6) month waiting period before re-employment may occur. A retiree of the Teachers’ and State Employees’ Retirement System (“TSERS”) is subject to earnings limitations, as established by TSERS. Further, the College shall not arrange post-retirement employment with any person currently employed by the College, or other TSERS-participating agency or local government. A retiree may only be employed in an interim, part-time, temporary, or fee-for-service position and may not be employed in a position that requires membership in TSERS.

The purpose of this Policy is to define and authorize benefits to be available to employees in this classification when the restricted earnings will be less than the employee will earn under the College salary plan.

A. Benefits – Leave Accruals Full-time employees who are also retirees of the TSERS will earn annual leave and sick leave under the same guidelines as active full-time employees.

B. Benefits – Longevity Pay

A full-time employee who is also a retiree of the TSERS is eligible for longevity pay subject to the earnings limitation.

C. Health Insurance

If a re-hired retiree returns to work and, as a result of the position and hours worked, qualifies for an offer of health insurance by the College, TSERS will transfer health insurance responsibilities back to the College and the retiree-employee will receive the legal, mandated health insurance coverage from the College as required by law.

Adopted: April 10, 2019
Amended: January 9, 2022
Legal Reference: 1C SBCCC 300.