Procedure - Employment


A. Fair Hiring Process

1. Upon notification of a vacant position, the Vice President/supervisor will notify the Human Resources Director of the vacancy. A meeting with the President and appropriate Vice President will be scheduled to review and update the job description for accuracy of responsibilities and minimum credentials, to determine the salary range and guidelines for advertising, and to determine the timetable for hiring. An interview committee will be formed in accordance with step B in the hiring process.
2. The Director of Human Resources will advertise full-time positions for a period of a minimum of two weeks, when advertising externally and a minimum of one week, when advertising internally. Part-time, temporary positions, and adjunct pools will be advertised as “open until filled”.
3. The interview team will meet during the advertising period to draft candidate interview questions. Interview questions will be submitted to the Director of Human Resources for review. All qualified applications shall be distributed to the appropriate Vice President/Supervisor. The Human Resources Director will ensure that an acknowledgement of receipt is sent to all applicants. The interview team shall review the applications and recommend candidates for interviews.
4. The Director of Human Resources will ensure that all candidates selected for interview meet the required qualifications as advertised.
5. The Director of Human Recourses shall schedule interviews for selected candidates.
6. The interview committee will interview selected candidates.
7. The interview committee members make one of the following recommendations to the Vice President/supervisor and Director of Human Resources.

1. Recommend finalist(s) for consideration.
2. Recommend candidate(s) for a second interview.
3. Recommend that the position be re-advertised

8. The Vice President/supervisor and Director of Human Resources present recommendations to the President. The President will take one of the following actions.

1. Present a conditional offer of employment to a candidate.
i. Proceed to step #9.
2. Schedule a second interview with a candidate(s).
i. Once second interviews are conducted the President will decide whether to make a conditional offer of employment or re-advertise the position. The Director of Human Resources will notify the interview committee of the action taken.
3. Re-advertise the position.
i. Director of Human Resources will notify the interview committee of the action taken.

9. Once a decision is made to make a conditional offer employment, the Director of Human Resources shall take the following actions.

1. Contact the Vice President of Administrative Services to confirm budget availability and the amount of the offer.
2. Contact the candidate and make the conditional offer of employment.
3. Upon acceptance by the candidate, conduct professional references and criminal background checks
4. Inform the President of acceptable reference and background checks, at which time the President will formally offer employment to the candidate.
5. Notify the interview committee of the outcome of the hiring process.
6. Work with the new employee to navigate the onboarding process.

10. The Human Resources Director shall notify all interviewees within a timely manner once a hiring decision has been made.
11. At the first regular meeting after being hired, the Board will receive notification of employee hires.

B. Interview Committee Membership

1. The chair of the interview committee and Director of Human Resources shall coordinate to recommend members to serve on the interview committee. Recommendations shall be submitted to the President/Vice President and approved before interviews begin. Exceptions to the committee structure may be made depending on employee availability to serve on the committee or in situations where special skillsets are required for the interview process.
2. The interview committee should include the following members. Committees shall be designed to be representative of the institution with members being selected from different departments and diverse backgrounds.

1. The supervisor for the vacant position or designee shall act as chair of the committee
2. The Director of Human Resources shall serve as an ad hoc member of the committee
3. Two employees in the department with the vacancy will be invited to serve on the committee
4. Three employees outside the department (a minimum of one member must be from another division) with the vacancy will be invited to serve on the committee

3. Committee members shall,

1. Be full-time employees of the college (Unless otherwise approved by the President)
2. Be employees in good standing (Not under disciplinary action)
3. Not be an immediate relative of a candidate
4. Not have an undisclosed personal relationship with candidates

C. Criminal Background Checks

1. Hiring and continued employment of qualified individuals is important to the College’s success. Therefore, background checks will be used to obtain additional applicant information to help determine an applicant’s overall employability and may be obtained on employees for the purposes of protecting College assets and for promoting a safe environment for employees and students. Background information will be researched and evaluated in a consistent non-discriminatory manner and in accordance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act.
2. Offers to final recommended applicants will be made contingent upon, or after successful completion of, a background investigation. The Director of Human Resources will be responsible for working with a third-party provider to conduct background checks. The third-party provider is responsible for checking a range of sources depending on the position, including, but not limited to: criminal conviction records, civil litigation records and national sex offender registry.
3. The following factors will be considered for those applicants with a criminal history in determining whether to hire the applicant and when necessary, in determining the continued employment of an employee: a) the nature of the crime and its relationship to the position; b) the time since the conviction; c) the number (if more than one) of convictions; d) whether hiring the applicant would pose a risk to the College, students or personnel; e) the actions and activities of the applicant since the conviction or other determination; and f) explanations and/or other information provided by the candidate and whether the candidate has demonstrated that s/he does not have the integrity or honesty to fulfill the duties of the position.
4. If any applicant is found to have falsified or withheld any information regarding conviction history, the applicant will not be considered for employment and any offer of employment will be withdrawn. Applicants who refuse consent to a criminal background check will be considered to have withdrawn their application for employment at the College. False or omitted information on an employment application of an employee or an employee’s failure to report criminal history information may be grounds for disciplinary action up to and including termination.
5. The applicant or employee will be given an opportunity to review the results of the background investigation and will be given an opportunity to dispute the accuracy or completeness of any information contained in the report by contacting the third-party provider that conducted the background check.
6. The Director of Human Resources will review the findings of the background checks with the appropriate Vice President/Supervisor. If the applicant is recommended to the President, the President will make the final decision concerning the employability of the applicant or when necessary, the continued employment of an employee. Background checks will be maintained as part of the individual’s employment record and kept in accordance with records retention policies.


1. Promotion/transfer shall be made in accordance with the principles of equal opportunity and only valid job-related requirements for a promotion opportunity will be used. All promotions/transfers for full-time employees will be subject to a one (1) year probationary contractual period. At the end of a successful probationary period, the employee will be eligible for one (1) year annual contracts. The College will promote from within whenever possible. The supervisor may nominate an internal candidate to be promoted/transferred to an existing vacancy. All internal candidates must be permanent part-time or full-time employees of the College. A recommendation to promote/transfer an internal candidate shall be made in a written statement to the appropriate member of the President’s Cabinet with a copy to the Human Resources Director. The cabinet member will be responsible for assuring that an internal applicant meets the basic requirements of the position or will be responsible for specifying those requirements upon which a conditional promotion may be made. If a conditional promotion is made, a contract must be executed between the College and the full-time employee specifying the conditions the employee must meet in order to retain the position and the time frames within which the conditions must be met.

1. Priority for Promotion/Transfer for Non-Teaching Personnel

a. Job specifications including educational level attained
b. Performance evaluation with regard to present position
c. Former work experience

2. Priority for Promotion/Transfer of FT Instructor to Administrative

a. Job specifications including educational level attained
b. Administrative/management background (education, training, or former work experience)
c. Performance evaluation (with emphasis on administrative areas)

Adopted: April 10, 2019


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