Policy 2.1.1 - Visitors and Minors on Campus

The College welcomes visitors to campus. All visitors must comply with the College’s policies and procedures. Additionally, in the interest of safety, and to minimize disruption to classes and operations, all visitors shall adhere to the following rules:

I. Visitors

A. Visitors are always welcome at Montgomery Community College and should register at the Information Desk in Blair Hall upon their arrival on campus. However, persons who do not have legitimate reasons for being on the campus are not allowed to use the campus facilities. Loitering is strictly prohibited.

B. Under no circumstances will visitors be allowed in classrooms, laboratories, or off-campus sites without appropriate approval. Faculty members are not to be interrupted during class by sales representatives and visitors. Sales representatives and visitors must obtain clearance from the appropriate Vice President prior to visiting instructors. The faculty member in charge of a shop, lab, or class is responsible for keeping unauthorized persons out of his/her department during class hours.

C. Individuals who are loitering or who have not registered at the Information Desk will be asked to leave the campus. Should a visitor refuse to leave, law enforcement will be called.

II. Minor Children

To guard against the disruption of Montgomery Community College’s educational environment:

A. Minor Children are defined as children under the age of eighteen (18).

B. Children of students should not be brought to campus while the student is attending classes, labs, seminars, workshops, testing/orientation sessions, and computer or library labs/sessions.

C. Children of employees should not be brought to campus during the employee’s regular working hours.

D. Children of visitors must be supervised by the parent or guardian while on the campus of Montgomery Community College or at any approved off-campus class site.

The college assumes no responsibility for children, or for any accidents or injury incurred by children in an unsupervised situation not approved by the college administration.

III. Removal from Campus

To ensure a safe and secure campus environment, the President, his/her designees and senior administrators (Vice Presidents) have the authority to dismiss a person from campus. Legal action for trespassing may be taken if the person does not comply.

Adopted: March 11, 2020