Policy 2.3.4 - Traffic Regulations

I. General Provisions

Pursuant to N.C.G.S. § 115D-21, the College shall enforce the following traffic regulations.

A. Chapter 20 of the North Carolina General Statutes regarding the operation of motor vehicles on North Carolina highways shall apply to the College’s streets, roads, alleys and driveways along with all other rules and regulations contained herein. These regulations shall apply on a twenty-four (24) hour basis.

B. While on the College campus, all drivers shall comply with the Campus Resource Officer’s legal instructions and shall obey all traffic and parking laws and regulations. The College shall be responsible for ensuring that the necessary signs are erected and maintained on the campus.

C. The College shall ensure that information about operating a motor vehicle on the College’s campus is given out at every student orientation and registration. A copy of this Policy shall be included in all student handbooks. Failure to obtain a copy of this Policy or not knowing the traffic laws is not an excuse or justification for violation of the laws and regulations.

D. All vehicles operated on campus must be properly registered and display a College parking decal on the rear of the vehicle (the right side of the rear bumper or the lower, right corner of the back window being the preferred location). Students, faculty and staff must register their vehicles within the first five (5) business days of being hired (for employees) or within two (2) business days of class (for students).

E. Any vehicle that is driven by or is transporting a person who is handicapped and that displays a state-issued license plate, a removable windshield placard or a temporary removable windshield placard may park in designated handicap spaces on campus. No one will be allowed to park in designated handicapped spaces without the proper license plate or placard.

F. Visitors and clients may park in any legal parking space on campus. Visitors and clients must have a state-issued distinguishing license plate, a removable windshield placard or a temporary removable windshield placard to park in designated handicapped spaces.

Adopted: March 11, 2020
Legal Reference: N.C.G.S. Chapter 20; N.C.G.S. § 115D-21.