Procedure - Strategic Planning

The College shall follow a five-year strategic planning cycle; however, College leadership changes may result in extensions to the cycle’s time frame. Every five years, the Board sets five-year goals for itself during its annual retreat. The President shall uses the Board’s goals and data generated from College surveys and focus groups to revise the College’s mission statement and vision statement (if necessary) and to set several measurable five-year goals as the College’s strategic plan. While the strategic plan is a five-year process, goals will be evaluated at least annually.

These goals drive the College’s organization, communication and resource allocation for the next five years. The Administrative Council will identify core team members for each of the goals. Teams are made-up of membership from throughout the College based on the focus of each team. These teams meet frequently and reevaluate goals annually.

Once teams are formed, they will operate in pursuit of the five-year goals’ objectives. Teams may enlist other College personnel as needed for both ad hoc and recurring tasks. Teams meet frequently and the chairs of each team shall meet with each other quarterly to update the College on team progress and to coordinate team efforts.

At the end of each five-year cycle, teams shall make recommendations based on the achievement (or lack thereof) of the College’s goals. These recommendations will be used by the Administrative Council in setting the next five-year goals.

Adopted: March 11, 2020


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