Policy 2.2.3 - Facility Use

The College’s facilities exist to meet the educational needs of citizens within the College’s service area. The College offers a wide-range of credit curricula and non-credit extension courses and the College’s facilities are to be utilized to facilitate these programs. The College may use its facilities in any legal manner. In addition, the College may make its facilities available upon reasonable condition for the periodic use of student organizations, government agencies, non-profit entities, community members and for-profit entities (for non-revenue generating events) provided the activities involved are in furtherance of the College’s educational purposes or are in promotion of the community’s cultural and educational welfare. The use of the College’s facilities cannot compete with any of the College’s classes or events that are or could be offered.

This Policy only applies to the use of the College’s facilities. For information concerning the use of outdoor campus spaces, see Policy 2.3.5 – Campus Free Speech, Distribution of Material and Assembly.

The President is authorized to develop procedures and a fee schedule to be used by parties who want to utilize the College’s facilities.

Adopted: June 12, 2019