Policy 2.1.10 - Firing Range

Approved use of the firing range is limited to College instructional use, functions sponsored by the College or classes conducted through the College. The firing range shall not be used by outside schools, companies and individuals.

Use of the firing range will be conducted under the direct supervision of an authorized College instructor, a qualified College Range Instructor, a State Certified Fire Arms Instructor or an Armed Forces Fire Arms Instructor. The supervisor will be responsible for all safety rules, regulations, and maintenance of the firing range while on the range
All users will observe the following regulations:

1. Any firearm entering or exiting the range area must be fully unloaded and cased. Exception: Law enforcement officers may leave the range with a loaded and holstered duty weapon.

2. The use of steel reactive targets is restricted to straight-walled pistol or rimfire calibers.

3. Steel targets must be of quality, hardened steel designed for use as targets. The use of damaged or pock steel is prohibited.

4. No random shooting is permitted.

5. All targets must be made of cardboard, paper, steel or other material specifically designed for use as a target. No bottles, cans or other unapproved objects may be used as targets.

6. Targets must be positioned so that all bullets will strike the rear berm. No targets should be placed in the fairway of the range.

7. The rear berm is the only permissible impact area for bullets. No rounds should be fired in the direction of the side berms.

8. No firearms should be handled in any manner while persons are downrange. When bringing a firearm to the line of fire on the range, the firearm should be cased, holstered or have a visible chamber flag inserted into the chamber.

9. No vehicles will be permitted off pavement except for handicapped users or in-service law enforcement vehicles when used as a class requirement.

10. Range flag must be displayed when the range is in use.

11. Weapons may be displayed and transported only for the purpose of entering and leaving the firing range.

12. A “Firing Range Use Form and Waiver of Liability” must be completed and kept on file by the school administrative personnel.

13. The firing range is available for use from 6:00 am until 10:00 pm upon request.

14. Anyone found to be creating an unsafe condition or damaging College property through either intentional actions or negligence may be removed from the range and/or have future range use privileges revoked.

15. Intentionally shooting at posts, ropes or other College range equipment is

Requirements for certification as a qualified College Range Instructor will be the successful completion of the Range Instructor’s Certification Class offered through the Continuing Education Division at the College and proof of certification must be on file with the Continuing Education Division; Basic Law Enforcement Training Director; Director of Gunsmithing; and Office of the Evening Administrator. In addition, qualifications for authorized College instructors, State Certified Fire Arms Instructors or Armed Forces Fire Arms instructors must be on file before a “Firing Range Use Form and Waiver of Liability” is issued.

Scheduling of the range and the issuance of the “Firing Range Use Form and Waiver of Liability” will be the responsibility of the Continuing Education Division; Basic Law Enforcement Training Director; Director of Gunsmithing; and/or office of the Evening Administrator and must bear the issuer’s signature.

The Continuing Education Division; Basic Law Enforcement Training Director; Director of Gunsmithing; and/or Office of the Evening Administrator will investigate any complaints against approved users and disciplinary action will be taken as appropriate. Appeals to disciplinary action will be to the President of the College.

Adopted: March 11, 2020