Policy 1.5 - Adopting Policies & Procedures

The Board of Trustees’ policies shall constitute the basic governance for the College. All of the
Board’s policies shall be contained in the College’s Policy Manual.

I. Adopting and Amending Policies

The following procedures shall be followed when adopting or revising policies:

A. Either when directed by the Board or when necessitated by changes to federal and/or state laws and regulations or when otherwise determined in the best interest of the College or necessary due to operational and/or management issues, the President or President’s designee shall draft and propose new policies and/or provide amendments to current policies.

B. The President shall present the proposed policy to the Board at a regularly scheduled Board meeting for first reading. If approved at first reading, the proposed policy will stand open until the next regularly scheduled Board meeting where the Board will take formal action on the proposed policy. In the event of an emergency or special condition (e.g., legal changes mandated by a specific date), the Board may waive second reading and approve the proposed policy at first reading.

C. During the policy development process, the President shall consider, and when necessary solicit, the views and considerations of faculty and staff members, students and the public.

D. Board members may propose amendments to proposed policies at any time during the process. An amendment will not require that the proposed policy go through an additional reading unless the Board determines that the amendment needs further consideration and an additional reading is warranted and necessary.

E. In order for the proposed policy to be official, the proposed policy must be formally adopted by a majority of the Board members present at an official Board meeting with the Board’s action being recorded in the Board’s minutes.

II. Adopting Administrative Procedures

Unless otherwise stated in a specific policy, the President is hereby authorized to develop and implement administrative procedures and rules that are in furtherance of and consistent with the Board’s policies.

Legal Reference: N.C.G.S. § 115D-20

Adopted: October 10, 2018


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