Drone Academy assists with UAV workshop

photo of a police officer using a drone

Montgomery Community College's NC Public Safety Drone Academy assisted partners at the North Carolina Division of Aviation in a recent UAV Public Safety Workshop.

Montgomery Community College's Public Safety Drone Academy led several flight scenarios, demos, and presentations throughout the day with their flight team, which can be seen in the video. Scenarios included an escaped prisoner, lost dementia patient, residential fire, and gunman with a hostage. Demos included the capabilities of deploying life vests and first aid kits from drones, as well as, the use of an attached speaker system for communication purposes.

A special thanks to the NC Division of Aviation, UAV Mobile Stations, Public Safety Flight, and the entire NC Public Safety Drone Academy Flight Team for their continued accomplishments!

For information on future workshops, classes, or other related UAV questions, please contact:

Riley Beaman
NC Public Safety Drone Academy, Director
Facebook: NC Public Safety Drone Academy