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Help with a job search,
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Financial Aid, Transportation, and more

The NCWorks Career Center is located on Montgomery Community College’s campus and is now operated by MCC through a grant. You might remember the Employment Security Commission. Those services are now provided through NCWorks centers across the state. The NCWorks Career Center is here to provide employment and training assistance to everyone who walks through its doors.

So what does that mean?
First, we help you register with NCWorks Online, the state employment website*. Then, we assess your needs and get you in touch with agencies that can meet those needs, like the Department of Social Services, Vocational Rehabilitation, or the Housing Authority. Our ultimate goal, however, is to help you nd employment.

In the meantime, we help you determine the right job for you through a career assessment. We also help you build a resume, conduct a job search, or even get the education or training you need to get the job you want. If you stick with the program, we can even pay for your education up to and including an Associate Degree.

Anyone who has been laid off from a job is eligible for the Dislocated Worker program. The Adult program helps individuals with low incomes but is not restricted only to low income workers. Each case is considered individually.

Our advice is: don’t let your fears dictate your life. Just because you’ve never done something before is no reason why you can’t.

* To check out the services NCWorks Online provides, go to Click on “Register.” Under “Option 2 - Try Us
Out,” click on the Guest Access link, then select “Individual.”

We are here to help anyone searching for a job, whether you are currently employeed or unemployed. Anyone who has been laid off from a job is eligible for the Dislocated Worker program. Come by or call for more information.

NCWorks offers comprehensive lists on training providers and schools, educational programs, and online learning resources. We also offer career assessments and certifications like KeyTrain/WorkKeys, as well as help writing resumes and filling out job applications.


NCWorks may be able to help you with other assistance, or connect you with an agency or organization that can. Assistance may include financial aid, purchasing uniforms, or finding and paying for transportation.


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