NC Prescribed Fire Training

Montgomery Community College's Prescribed Fire Training Center works with the NC Forest Service offering courses to support natural resource management specifically in the areas of the use of prescribed fire and/or wildland firefighting suppression.

For upcoming NC Prescribed Fire Training please contact PFTC Coordinator Gary Curcio at 252-624-7635 or by email





2018-2019 Upcoming Training

NC Certified Burner Training – 
Places to be determined and scheduled. 

Atmospheric Dispersion Modeling for NC Prescribed Burns - June 18-20, 2018
Montgomery Community College in Troy, NC
Registration deadline June 8, 2018


NC Certified Burner Training

For 2017-18 the NC Forest Service has already conducted three Certified Burner Classes. It is planned to schedule additional classes this coming fall/winter 2018-19. The training will be considered for Cumberland, Moore, Scotland or Harnett Counties as well as other potential locations. Planning is underway to re-introduce certified burning training classes into NC’s mountains and coastal plain.

Use of prescribed fire is a mix of science, experience, and art. Blending these aspects for future forestry burners is an involved endeavor. Certified burner training is a two day event which includes a field trip. Day one is presenting material that covers: the Prescribed Burn Act, Weather, Fuels, Topography, Fire Danger Rating, Managing Your Smoke, Firing Techniques, and Burning Plan. Day two includes a field trip to review burn sites, an in class review and then an assessment of what has been learned.

For those interested in burning their woodland, this training presents information that is needed for conducting a successful prescribed burn. If it is one’s goal is to become a NC Certified Burner, this training represents the 1 st step of a five step process. School registration is handled by the NC Forest Service. Depending on which training site and/or month one prefers, only one session needs to be selected and registration completed. Stay tuned for future developments.

Atmospheric Dispersion Modeling for NC Prescribed Burns

Prerequisite Experience: Prescribed fire experience and knowledge of NC Smoke Management Program is recommended. This will be reviewed during the review of the registration form in
particularly the “Experience and Purpose of Attendance Statement.

Workshop Activities: The workshop will focus on the use of models such as the Fire Emission Production Simulator (FEPS), review of the DIGITAL PHOTOSERIES or other fuels information, and dispersion models; PC-VSMOKE, VSMOKE Web, PC-HYSPLIT, and PB-Piedmont. VSMOKE and HYSPLIT are atmospheric dispersion models that have been evaluated for use under the NC Smoke Management Program. The use of each model and its limitations will be discussed. PC-HYSPLIT and PB-Piedmont will be demonstrated and run when attending the training.

Prior to workshop attendance, VSMOKE Web and PB-Piedmont will be introduced through required pre-work and then reviewed at the workshop. There will be several exercises designed for
participants to establish and reinforce a working knowledge of the use of FEPS, PC-HYSPLIT, VSMOKE Web, and PB-Piedmont. These tools can assist in making Go/No-go decisions for prescribed fire or to assess smoke impacts from prescribed fires or wildfires.

Workshop participants are required to bring information for one burn project that they are currently working. This project will be used as part of their class training towards ADM certification.

Length of Training: Total training time is 22 hours. Pre-work hours is estimated at 4 hours while classroom work is estimated at 18 hours over three days - Monday, 1 - 5 PM; Tuesday, 8 AM - 5 PM; Wednesday, 8 AM - 3 PM. Instructors will be available for evening assistance either at MCC or at their place of lodging.

Credits: Continuing forestry education (CFE) hours are being requested and with successful completion of the training CFE Category 1 hours will be earned.

Instructors: Dept. of Defense – Camp Lejeune Forestry, US Forest Service and MCC PFTC Coordinator and/or NC Forest Service.

Registration: Please click below to register. For more information please contact PFTC Coordinator Gary Curcio at 252-624- 7635 or by email Remember, registration deadline is for the upcoming class is June 8th, 2018.