individuals from AmeriQual Aseptic and Montgomery Community College

Montgomery Community College (MCC) and AmeriQual Aseptic (AQA) announced a groundbreaking new training opportunity that will start on March 16 at the college. The Processing Technician Certification training will provide individuals with highly specialized skills unique to the food manufacturing industry.

MCC’s Continuing Education division has been working closely with AQA to develop a curriculum that is largely unavailable anywhere else in the world. While the skill set is unique, it is widely applicable to any industry which uses cleanroom technology such as pharmaceutical manufacturing, optics, biotechnology and others.

“Students who successfully complete this program will be building a diverse, world-class skillset to put themselves in a position for high wage employment, advancement and careers that open the doors to lifelong learning. That’s the level of training they will have,” said Joseph Neidig, Vice President of AmeriQual Aseptic.

AQA has opened the door to this innovative opportunity by providing equipment, curriculum, and instructors for the program.

According to Andrew Gardner, MCC’s Dean of Continuing Education, the class will start as a non-credit option. Plans are underway to develop a curriculum certificate (for-credit) as part of one of the college’s associate degree programs.

The inaugural class starts March 16 and meets twice a week (Mondays and Wednesdays from 1 – 5 PM) for nine weeks in the new Joseph Reese Blair Career & Technical Education building. Students who successfully complete the training will emerge as OP-Tech IIs and will be given preferred hiring status at AmeriQual Aseptic.

In a written statement, Neidig said:

“AmeriQual Aseptic is blessed to partner with Montgomery Community College and the North Carolina Community College System to provide practical, real-world training for our team and potential team members.

“Since June 2019, MCC and AQA have worked to develop cutting-edge, advanced technical training programs to provide the knowledge and skills needed to operate state-of-the-art aseptic equipment.  Andrew Gardner, Lee Proctor (MCC Vice President of Instruction), Jessica Hamilton (MCC Director of Business & Industry Services), and Maureen Little (NC Community College System Vice President of Economic Development), along with members of our leadership team, opened the doors to this opportunity.  We look forward to a sustainable, long-term relationship with MCC and even more important, to seeing the next generation of highly skilled and technically advanced talent lead the way in excellence in world Class Aseptic Manufacturing.”

For more information about the Processing Technician Certification class contact Andrew Gardner at or 910-898-9672. For more information about employment opportunities at AmeriQual Aseptic contact Jeanette Luc at or 704-754-0181. AmeriQual Aseptic,, is part of the AmeriQual Group.  Learn more at


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