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Montgomery Community College was recently named one of the top ten community colleges in the U.S. by SmartAsset, a financial technology company.

According to a 2018 study in which SmartAsset reviewed 798 community colleges across the country, Montgomery Community College ranked seventh overall in terms of quality, cost, success rate, and return on investment.

To measure these factors, SmartAsset analyzed the graduation and transfer rates at each school, the student-teacher ratio, and the ratio of the average starting salary to the cost of education. Montgomery Community College scored in the top 25% in all of the metrics, putting it in seventh place overall.

Additionally, in a similar study conducted by WalletHub, Montgomery Community College ranked 10th in the nation in career outcomes, and fourth in the state in career and educational outcomes as well as cost and financing. WalletHub’s study reviewed over 700 community colleges covering 17 key metrics.

The driving force behind both studies was educational value. One of the advantages of a community college education is its affordability. According to SmartAsset, average in-state tuition and fees in North Carolina are about $4,300. In-state tuition and fees at public four-year institutions cost about 2.3 times that much on average.

Another advantage of a community college education is the relatively short time commitment for training. In many cases, students obtain jobs before completing their course of study. Montgomery Community College’s career outcomes ranking demonstrates that its students are getting jobs.

A contributing factor to this success rate can be credited to employment services provided by MCC’s Workforce Development Center and NC Works.

“We do a lot more than job training,” said Andrew Gardner, MCC’s Dean of Continuing Education and Workforce Development. “We offer help with financing the student’s education through scholarships. We provide resources to meet needs like transportation or child care, as well as assist with job search and job placement. It’s a process,” he said.

In both studies, Montgomery Community College ranked well on the low student-teacher ratio. This is an indication that students receive plenty of one-on-one help when it’s needed, which increases their chances for success. Overall, the studies showed that an education from Montgomery Community College proved to be a smart investment.

“It is truly an honor to be recognized for doing a good job. Montgomery Community College will continue to work hard to serve the students and the community,” said Dr. Chad Bledsoe, MCC President.

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