Human Services Technology Developmental Disabilities

Human Services Developmental Disabilities

Students may choose from a degree, diploma, or certificate program in Human Services Technology Developmental Disabilities. The Human Services Technology: Developmental Disabilities concentration is designed to train technicians to work with children and adults with physical, mental, and emotional disabilities. Students will specialize in the areas of developmental and intellectual disabilities. Students will gain an understanding of the handicapping effects of developmental disabilities in medical, psychological, social, educational, vocational, and economic terms. Fieldwork and clinical experience in community agencies providing comprehensive services to disabled persons and their families will be provided. Graduates should qualify for employment in group homes, foster care homes, respite services, vocational rehabilitation agencies, sheltered workshops, adult developmental activities programs, early childhood intervention programs, and other programs for individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities and their families.

The Human Services Developmental Disabilities Associate Degree program requires clinical work experience during the final semester.  In the clinical setting, students work directly with clients to gain practical experience in their area of interest.

Human services workers are trained professionals who care about people and want to make lives better. They achieve their objectives by helping others overcome social problems such as poverty, relationship problems, domestic violence, crime and drug abuse. Human services workers come into direct contact with a vast cross section of society in many different settings such as hospitals, schools, family service agencies and rehabilitation service centers. They are also found in administrative and policy planning roles. What is your calling?

The Human Services Club is a voluntary campus organization comprised of students, faculty and staff at MCC. The club works to provide students with opportunities to promote their profession in the community , to participate in fund raisers and outreach activities, and to learn about people and agencies that play a vital role in the human services field.

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Associate in Applied Science Degree 65-67 semester hours  N/A
Diploma 43-44 semester hours Gainful Employment
Certificate 17 semester hours Gainful Employment

Frieary, Amy
Frieary, Amy

Frieary, Amy
Department Chair, Human Services Technology