Wednesday, April 01, 2015
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Attendance Requirements

Students who are to receive the North Carolina Community College grant,the Less Than Half Time (LTHT) grant, the Targeted Assistance grant, and/or or the Lottery grant must attend classes through the last date for tuition refund as published in the College's Academic Calendar in order to receive their awards. Students who fail to attend their classes by this date, or who withdraw from school prior to this date, are not eligible for state awards.

Federal awards (Pell and FSEOG) are contingent upon students attending at least one class session in each course for which they are enrolled. Students must attend each class once prior to the 10% census date of the term. While federal awards are frozen after students attend one class session, federal funds are subject to a return calculation if students fail to complete the term. The refund calculation may result in students having to repay a portion of their awards to the U.S. Dept. of Education. Please refer to the R2T4 section at or in the MCC Financial Aid Handbook for more details on repaying federal funds.

Please be advised that students who fail to attend classes as prescribed and who fail to complete an official withdrawal form prior to the first day of classes will be responsible for paying all, or a percentage, of their tuition charges. Please refer to the MCC Student Handbook for complete details of tuition charges and eligible refunds.

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