Wednesday, July 01, 2015
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Students should keep an accurate daily account of time worked on a timesheet. Timesheets should be completed each day, not at the beginning or end of the month. Supervisors should monitor the accuracy of the times reported, so as to prevent students from being paid for hours not worked. In accordance with Federal Regulations, both the student and the supervisor must sign each timesheet, certifying the hours as a true statement of hours worked. A supervisor, therefore, cannot be expected to certify back hours for a student who turns in late timesheets. Regulations also require the supervisor to state if the work was performed satisfactorily. (Timesheets must be retained five years for auditing purposes)

The student is responsible for ensuring the timesheet is completely filled out and for getting the timesheet to the Financial Aid Office by the last school day of the month. Timesheets that are held for more than 30 days and not turned into the Financial Aid Office for payment are at risk of not being paid. Fraudulent or “padded” timesheets will result in termination from the Federal Work-Study Program, and will be considered a Code of Conduct violation.

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