Tuesday, June 30, 2015
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Business & Industry Training

Specialty programs contribute to a more qualified and knowledgeable workforce!

There are a variety of training programs and services available to area businesses and industries, governmental agencies, and public service organizations. These programs are customized to meet individual company needs. Call the College for more information on business and industry programs. We will be happy to assist your efforts to develop and train your employees. Our overall scope of services includes:

  • Single courses or a customized series of courses
  • Courses that vary in length according to the complexity of skills and your needs as an employer
  • On-site or off-site training
  • Technical training such as welding, electrical, hydraulics, and pneumatics
  • Professional development training for supervisors and managers
  • Computer training ranging from basic to advanced applications
  • Certification/licensing programs

Custom Training Programs

The Customized Training Program supports the economic development efforts of the State by providing education and training opportunities for eligible businesses and industries. Amended in 2008, this program combines the New and Expanding Industry Training Program and the Customized Industry Training Program to more effectively respond to business and industry.

Customized training programs can provide flexible scheduling for many topics, including:

  • Lean Manufacturing
  • Six Sigma
  • Project management
  • Statistical process control
  • Hydraulics
  • Pneumatics
  • Electronics
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Troubleshooting

Call today to learn how specialty business and industry training programs at Montgomery Community College can assist with your company’s training needs.
Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at 910-576-6222 ext. 253.

Lunch Time Business Series

Communication Skills
This course is designed to help you improve interpersonal skills for the workplace including: 1) dealing with conflict, 2) improving conversational and listening skills, and 3) identifying nonverbal cues in an intercultural setting.

Communication Skills $70 1-2 PM TTH 1/13-3/25 Rm 136

Technical Writing
This course is designed to teach skills related to the layout and design of technical reports used in business and industry. Topics include: 1) audience analysis, 2) data collection and analysis, 3) technical writing style and organization, 4) oral presentation of technical data, and 5) appropriate use of graphics in written and oral presentations.

Technical Writing $70 1-2 PM MW 1/12-3/30 Rm 136

Business Writing
This course is designed to help you improve business writing skills in the following areas: 1) correspondence, 2) reports, 3) newsletters, 4) procedures manuals, 4) proposals, 5) logical organization of writing, 6) precise use of grammar, and 7) appropriate selection and use of informational sources.

Business Writing $70 12-1 PM TTH 1/13-3/26 Rm 136

Customer Service
This course is designed to teach entry-level skills in customer service for a variety of servicerelated industries. Topics include: 1) telephone etiquette, 2) office safety and etiquette, 3) job readiness skills, 4) keyboarding, 5) teamwork, 6) problem solving, 7) attitude and self-esteem, 8) time management, and 9) written and oral communication.

Customer Service $70 12-1 PM MW 1/12-3/30 Rm 136

Business Leadership Series

Small Business Management
This course includes topics related to managing a small business: 1) planning, 2) leading, 3) organizing, 4) staffing, 5) controlling operations, 6) human resource functions including employee development, 7) elements of total quality management, 8) purchasing procedures, 9) inventory control, and 10) computerized operations.

Small Business Management $70 6-8 PM TTH 3/3-4/9 Rm 230

Leadership Development
This course includes topics related to leadership development and supervisory skills: 1) planning, 2) organizing, 3) controlling, 4) directing, 5) communicating, 6) interpersonal skills, 7) team building, 8) decision-making strategies, 9) change management, 10) negotiating skills, 11) event planning, and 12) other related management skills.

Leadership Development $70 9 AM-12 PM F 3/6-5/1 Rm 236

Supervision and Management
This course includes topics related to the qualities, behaviors, and personal styles exhibited by qualified supervisors and managers: 1) coaching, 2) counseling, 3) team building, and 4) employee involvement.

Supervision and Management $70 1-3 PM F 1/16-5/1 Rm 136

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