Friday, July 03, 2015
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GetFit StayFit Back Pack Boot Camp
Combining back pack training with bodyweight training will not only improve your overall physical body strength but will also improve your mind through the mental challenge of the extra weight that will get heavy very fast. Using a weighted pack will and can test you just from simply walking and hiking but if you use hills or steps and use this path you will test your stamina as well as building very strong legs and hips that will improve any sport that requires any type of strength and explosiveness.

Required equipment:  10lb bag of rice works great to place in your back pack. Other equipment is a stick 4 – 5 foot long stick weighing 3 – 5 lbs and a set of work out cords is what you will need to participate in the Spring 2015 class. Pre-registration is required. Please plan to attend one registration session.

GetFit StayFit Back Pack Boot Camp Registration 6 PM T 4/7 Rm 105
GetFit StayFit Back Pack Boot Camp Registration 6 PM TH 4/9 Rm 105
GetFit StayFit Back Pack Boot Camp Class $45 6-7:15 PM MTH 4/13-6/8 BLET field

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