Continuing Education Classes

Basic Computer Skills for the Workplace


Online Computer Classes

We offer online classes every six weeks on hundreds of topic including basic computer skills, basic to advanced computer software applications, website technology, computer programming, database management, graphic and multimedia design, networking and communications, and more. To view our entire catalog of online classes, please visit


Using Photoshop for Your Small Business 9/21 TH 9A-12P Qualls
Marketing Matters: Successful Marketing for your Business 10/16 M 5:30-8P Carver
Using Photoshop for Your Small Business 10/19 TH 2-5P Qualls

Pick Your Target: Finding Your Target Marketing & Securing Customers 10/23 M 5:30-8P Carver
Marchandising 101 5:30-8P M 10/30 Carver

Finances and Taxes

Advanced Quickbooks 10/20 F 1:30-4:30P Blankenship
Money Talks: Understanding Finances & Cash Flow 11/6 M 5:30-8P Carver
For the Record: Bookkeeping & Record Basics 11/13 M 5:30-8P Carver
Quickbooks Solutions 11/17 F 9A-4P Blankenship
The Brass "Taxes": Taxes & Government Regulations for Small Business 11/20 M 5:30-8P Carver

human resource management

 Leadership vs. Management - Finding the Balance as a Small Business Owner 12/7 TH 2:30-4:30P Collins

Starting a Business

Starting a Business: The Fundamentals 10/2 M 5:30-8P Carver
Business Plan Breakdown 10/9 M 5:30-8P Carver

Business Roundtable


Funeral Director CE course

This will be a full, five-hour course designed to meet the annual requirement for a one-year license term by the NC Board of Funeral Service. The topic will be determined. Please contact Andrew Gardner for more information at (910) 898-9674.

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Insurance Agent CE

These courses are designed for licensed insurance agents to meet the bi-annual 24 ICEC requirement by the NC Department of Insurance. Agents are encouraged to review the NCDOI website at for additional information about CE requirements. A producer/agent number is required when enrolling. All courses are approved and offered under Walter Batista, provider #562268129. Please contact Andrew Gardner at (910) 898-9674, or e-mail if you need a specific class.

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Notary Public Education

NC Notary Public Commission requirements for notaries:
• Must be at least 18 years of age
• Reside legally in the US
• Reside or work in North Carolina
• Must be able to speak and write English
• Must possess a high school diploma or equivalent
• Must take seven-hour NC Notary Public Course and pass exam
Candidates will be required to verify identity by presenting a state or federal government issued photo identification document, such as an NC driver’s license or a US passport. Candidates must acquire and review the required manual, 2016 Notary Public Guidebook for North Carolina, prior
to attending class. The manual is available in the MCC General Store or directly through the NC Dept. of the Secretary of State at
Notary Public 10/21 Sa 8:30A-4:30P $70
Notary Public 12/9 Sa 8:30A-4:30P $70

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Real Estate Agent

Real Estate Agent continuing education classes can be set up at any time based on the needs and schedules of local agents and brokers. Please contact the Continuing Education Department at (910) 898-9671 with regard to setting up a class.

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Effective Teacher Training

This course provides online training for individuals who wish to become substitute teachers or  teacher’s assistants in the public school system. Topics include reading lessons plans, classroom management, teacher-student and teacher-parent relations, and more. The course is self-paced and materials can be completed any time between the start and end dates. A certificate will be awarded upon successful completion. Required text: Wong, Harry K. and Rosemary T. Wong. How to Be an Effective Teacher. The First Days of School, 2009. ISBN: 978-0-9764233-1-7 (Cost $36).

Effective Teacher Training 9/25-12/11 Online $125

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Wastewater operator


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Adult basic education - high school equivalency


Adult High School


Adult Basic Education (ABE) /Adult High School Equivalency Diploma Program


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English as a Second Language


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National Career Readiness Certification Preparation

This is a self-paced, online program combining academic and job skills preparation. Individuals will use a comprehensive, easy-to-use, web-based program designed to help them master the skills necessary for workplace success. The course is open for one month from registration, and individuals work at their own speed (average 6 - 8 hours per week for 4 weeks). Earn a nationally recognized Career Readiness Certificate (Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum levels) upon passing the certification exam. Exam dates and times are listed below. Fees are waived for individuals meeting income guidelines.

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Career Readiness Certification Exam*

*Pre-registration for the examination is required. Please register with Ashlie Martin in the Continuing Education office or call (910) 898-9671.

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 Employment Preparation

Classes in job search strategies, interview skills, resume writing, and computer skills are available to individuals seeking employment. Classes are fee-waived to individuals who are unemployed, have received layoff notification, are working and earning 200% of federal poverty guidelines, or who meet federal earned income credit thresholds. Contact the College and Career Readiness Department at (910) 898-9680 or (910) 898-9678 for information on upcoming classes.

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Nursing Assistant I & II

In order to register, all entering students are required to:
1) Show a valid driver’s license and Social Security card.
2) Show evidence of a high school diploma or equivalency, or obtain the required reading level test score. A reading test can be taken any Wednesday at 5:30 p.m. or Thursday at 9:00 a.m. in Room 149.
3) Provide a TB skin test report.

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Nursing Assistant I

This class introduces students to the skills and competencies needed for basic patient care in a health care setting. After successful completion of the course, the student can provide safe, effective, basic nursing care in a variety of health care facilities under the supervision of licensed nurses and/or other approved personnel. Students must complete clinical rotations as part of the course. Please note: Nurse Assistant Hybrid courses require online, classroom and clinical participation.

Nursing Assistant II

Individuals must be listed as a Nursing Assistant I in good standing with the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services in order to register for the Nursing Assistant II course. Students are taught skills in oxygen therapy, suctioning, tracheotomy care, IV fluid monitoring and discontinuation, nasogastric and gastrostomy feeding procedures, enterostomy care, urinary diversion and urinary catheterization. This course equips the students with advanced skills in providing care for the elderly and older adults. Students will complete clinical rotations as part of the program.

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This course provides theory and clinical experiences needed for the proper collection of blood and other specimens used for diagnostic testing. Emphasis is placed on ethics, legalities, medical terminology, safety and universal precautions, health care delivery systems, patient relations, anatomy and physiology, and specimen collection. Upon completion, students should be able to safely perform procedures necessary for specimen collections on patients in various health care settings and may be eligible for national certification as phlebotomy technicians. Fee includes class lab fee, tuition, and cost of drug screen & background check.

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CPR Healthcare Provider 9/23 Saturday 8A-5P $58
CPR Healthcare Provider 10/7 Saturday 8A-5P $58
CPR Healthcare Provider 11/18 Saturday 8A-5P $58
CPR Healthcare Provider 12/2 Saturday 8A-5P $58

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Income Maintenace Case Worker


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Medical Occupations


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Join Tammy as she celebrates 17 years of GetFit StayFit. Tammy has classes lined up that she has taught over the past 17 years and she is bringing in other instructors to teach some specialty classes. 11 classes and no two classes will be the same!
11/13-12/21 MTH 6-7P Page Street Elementary Gym $25

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Multimedia Art



Monday night basket class with Chip Badgett 9/11-10/30 M 6-9P $170.00

September 23 - Sydney's Satchel
This useful tote is woven from smoked and dyed reed and includes 20" braided leather handles. Once the tote is complete the student will create Cherokee Wheels as the finishing touch. Creating sharp corners will be stressed.
Advanced basket making with Peg Adelman 9/23 SA 9A-6P $60.00

October 21 - Powder Room Trash
This basket is woven over a plastic trash can liner.  A wooden base is attached to the bottom of the liner which is what the trash can will sit on. Triple twining and arrow weave will be taught. This trash can is the right size for a powder room.
Advanced basket making with Peg Adelman 10/21 SA 10A-4:30P $50.00

November 18 - Emma Elizabeth
This medium size basket starts with a Williamsburg oak handle. It is woven with smoked and dyed reed and seagrass as an accent. The border is an outside in Gretchen border. The student will learn lots of weaving techniques in this basket.
Advanced basket making with Peg Adelman 11/18 SA 9A-6P $60.00

December 2 - Rustic Tea Angel
This angel is made to sit on a table or fireplace mantel. She has a wooden head and her body is woven from basket reed. The angel has a halo, wings and a tea light that are attached upon completion. The kit includes 2 angles.
Advanced basket making with Peg Adelman 12/2 SA 10A-2:30P $30.00



Pottery Production

MCC’s nationally recognized Pottery Program is known for its state-of-the-art facility, accomplished alumni, and talented staff. Now this program is being offered for the first time to students through short-term Continuing Education (non-college-credit) classes. Learn all the skills taught in the degree program from the same instructors, but take only the courses convenient for your schedule and your pocketbook! Additional topics in pottery production may be scheduled at the students’ request. Please contact Josh Floyd at (910) 898-9675 or e-mail for more information.

Advanced Studio Pottery
These classes are offered individually Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday meeting once a week on the day of your choice. Instructors include Josh Floyd (Tues), Meredith Heywood (Thur), and Anne Rave-Jorgensen (Fri). They are open studio courses with demos and instruction, as students create their own projects in a guided experience. Students will also have the opportunity to help with kiln loading and firing, clay and glaze mixing. Geared toward advanced students.
Adv. Studio Pottery 8/15-12/12 TTHF 8:30A-4:30P $182

Advanced Studio Pottery Mini-mester
This class is for the snowbirds who may be arriving in NC late in the semester, or for folks who can't commit to a full semester. Self-guided class that meets coinciding with our other advanced studio courses. Available Tuesday, Thursday or Fridays!
Adv. Studio Pottery Mini-mester 10/10-12/5 TTHF 9:30A-4P $127


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Open Shop Maker Space
A chance to self guide through the process of knifemaking using our facilities to create your vision in this open shop space!
Open Shop Maker Space 9/25-12/4 M 8:30A-4:30P $180.00
Open Shop Maker Space 9/25-12/4 M 5:30-9:30P $125.00

Advanced Fixed Blade with Ed Vanhoy
The student will learn advanced techniques on designing and properly laying out the grinding and drilling lines, as well as the handle/scales. Instruction will start from basic grind preparation and end with the student having a finished knife. Students will have the opportunity to do more than one blade if he/she chooses to do so, if the time allows.
Advanced Fixed Blade 9/21-9/24 8A-6P $375.00

Axe Forging with Liam Hoffman
Join Liam Hoffman, one of History Channel’s 2016 Forged in Fire champions, in a 3-day axe making class! You will learn to forge an axe from a solid block of steel, grind it, and craft a wooden handle from scratch. Liam will demonstrate forging axes using leader and strikertechniques with a sledge hammer. Due to a change in Liams schedule we have moved the date of his workshop up to October. Some printed media may state November 2/3/4th, but the new correct date is October 5/6/7th. Sorry for any inconvenience.
Axe Forging 10/5-10/7 8A-6P $375.00

Forging an Integral Fighter Knife with Theo Nazz
In this Brut De Forge integral Bowie class, students will learn the process Theo, a 2017 Forged in Fire Champion, uses for creating some of his unique fighting knife designs with hamons. Students start by designing and planning an intricate blade with integral guard, then with hammer and fire, bring that blade to life. Students will leave the class with a forged, rough ground, and fully heat trated blade that will include a hamon. This is a forging extensive class, so expect to spend a good deal of time moving metal and make sure to eat a big breakfast!
Forging an Integral Fighter Knife 10/19-10/22 8A-6P $375.00

Christmas Gift Knife with Ed Vanhoy
Each student will start with a raw piece of metal and leather and turn it into a fully functional finished knife and leather sheath. The class will discuss the proper anatomy of the knife/sheath and the different functions of the many fixed blade designs. This is a great chance for the student to make a great handmade knife for themselves as a Christmas gift!
Christmas Gift Knife 11/30-12/3 8A-6P $375.00

Basic Forging with Bill Wiggins
This is a hands-on course in which students learn proper forging, heat treating, and finishing of a knife blade. Topics covered will be steel selection, forges and forging tools, heat treating, and finishing of the forged blade.
Basic Forging 1/18-1/21 8A-6P $375.00



NRA Gunsmithing

Montgomery Community College is one of only four schools in the U.S. that are sanctioned by the National Rifle Association (NRA) to offer bonafide NRA Short-Term Gunsmithing clases. The classes are taught by some of the nation’s most celebrated gunsmiths from across the country and around the world. Classes offered range from highly specialized to general interest.

Suppressor 101 
Instructor: Ronnie Beal

NOTE: Must have an approved ATF From 1 to register for this class. This class will provide students with the necessary steps to build their own legal suppressor. A portion of class time will be devoted to laws and regulations regarding suppressors and other NFA items. Suppressor design theory will be explored in detail. Students will have the opportunity to build a legal suppressor.
Suppressor 101 10/14-10/17 8A-6P $201.60

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BIRD TAXIDERMY II - MOUNTING 9/27-11/1 MTW 9:30A-6P $200

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Drone School


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EMS Online

Two online course modules are scheduled each month – one in Basic Life Support for first responders and EMT-basics, and one in Advanced Life Support for EMT-intermediates and paramedics.

Basic Life Support
Advanced Life Support


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Law Enforcement

All law enforcement officers and jailers in North Carolina receive training in subject control arrest techniques or SCAT during their basic school. There is currently no mandated inservice training requirement for SCAT after BLET. These techniques and skills are perishable if not reviewed on a regular basis. When faced with an assaultive subject it could make all the difference in the outcome of a situation. Advanced subject control techniques is an ongoing course that teaches 23 advanced techniques from Gracie Survival Tactics (GST). These advanced techniques build off of the basic SCAT that officers learned in BLET. Techniques can be practiced until officers become proficient. Recommended attire is uniform trousers, tactical pants or sweat pants, t-shirt or sweat shirt. All classes will be instructed by Pete Herron, Subject Control Arrest Techniques instructor and Gracie Survival Tactics Instructor. Fee is waived for qualified officers.

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Firefighter Training

Fire Fighter Certification Classes
Fire Fighter Certification classes are fee waived for qualified first responders.

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Electrical Technician


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Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC)

Individuals may take the HVAC program as either a college credit (curriculum) program or a noncredit (continuing education) program. Successful completers of either program are eligible to take the NATE certification exam.



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Advanced Manufacturing


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Automotive Mechanics

Montgomery Community College is partnering with Montgomery County Schools to offer auto mechanic training. MCC will host classes at East Montgomery High School. This course will prepare individuals for an entry level position as automotive service technicians. Contact Andrew Gardner at (910) 898-9674 or email for more information about dates, times, and cost.

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