Continuing Education Scholarships

diploma sitting on a pile of US currency of different denominationsDespite state-mandated course fees, at Montgomery Community College we strive to keep costs down for our continuing education students. There are a number of scholarships and other opportunities that will reimburse students partially or fully for out-of-pocket educational costs.

Depending on the various types of training, specific scholarship applications are required. Please contact Shavier Mason at or call 910-898-9672 for information about scholarships and training programs available.


Continuing Education scholarships are available to reimburse individuals who have a financial need.

MCC Foundation success scholarships are available for a number of courses and programs.

Short-term job training reimbursement over 96 hours - amounts vary.

Need-based reimbursement for training over 96 hours up to $250

State Employees Credit Union reimbursement for unemployed, enrolled in training courses over 96 hours up to $500.

Project Skill Up rembursement for welding or small engine repair from $100 - $201.60

Heritage Crafts, Knifemaking, and NRA reimbursement scholarships - amounts vary

Workforce innovation and opportunity act / adult dislocated worker programs

Eligibility - Dislocated workers, unemployed, underemployed. Classes or curriculum programs must be approved by Regional Partnership Workforce Development Board.

Amounts vary from $500 for short-term up to $6,000 for long-term education.


Offers apprentices on-the-job training and tuition-free education. Apprentices agree to the curriculum program and job training provided by the sponsoring employer.