The organization shall be known as the MCC College Transfer Club. Active membership in this organization is voluntary and shall be open to all students registered and active in any MCC curriculum who are planning to transfer to a four-year institution. All members are subjected to the Constitution and by-laws of the Club. Membership in the club shall be open to all MCC students despite race, color, creed, handicap, sex, sexual orientation, religion or national origin.

The primary objective of the Club is to make the transfer process as smooth as possible, and to share information with others about each of the colleges that members are planning to attend, to make trips to tour the various campuses to gain a better understanding of the school, and to help gather information for the students who haven’t yet decided which school is best for them.

Other goals and objectives of the Club include:

  1. Promote college transfer opportunities and activities for club members.
  2. Provide an organization for post-classroom fellowship among the members during formal and informal college transfer activities.
  3. Raise funds for the above goals and objectives to be met. This will be accomplished through various fund-raising events.