Saturday, July 30, 2016
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Placement Testing


The NC DAP ACCUPLACER assessment inventories are given to new students in associate degree programs to determine academic readiness. The results are used for advising and placement purposes.

What is Placement Testing?

2016 Summer/Fall Placement Testing Schedule

2016 Summer/Fall Placement Testing Schedule (PDF version)

All associate degree students will be assessed in reading skills, writing skills, numerical skills, and algebra skills. Stand-alone diploma and certificate students may be assessed in reading and numerical skills. BLET students are required to take the reading assessment only. Special credit students are assessed only when necessary to satisfy a prerequisite course requirement.

Students should complete the assessment inventories prior to registration for proper advising and placement. Information about score requirements is available in the Student Services Office. After testing, each student will receive a copy of his/her NC DAP Accuplacer Student Advising Report listing scores obtained and course recommendations based on these scores.

Students needing additional educational preparation will be advised regarding removal of deficiencies. For students enrolled in associate degree programs, deficiencies in writing, algebra, reading, or numerical skills must be removed prior to taking any course work in English composition or mathematics respectively. Additionally, the removal of any reading deficiency must begin immediately or no later than the first term of work after assessment. A reading competency is required for graduation from associate degree programs.

Students meeting the following criteria may be exempted from taking specified sections of the placement test:

  • Students with a score of 500 or above on the verbal portion and a score of 500 or above on the math portion of the SAT may be exempt from applicable section(s) of NC DAP ACCUPLACER.
  • Students who have taken the ACT will be advised on the appropriate sections to take.
  • Students who have taken English composition, reading or math courses at another college or university that are equivalent to the entry level courses at Montgomery Community College and received a grade of "C" or better may not be required to take the related assessment inventories.
  • Students who have taken ACCUPLACER may transfer their scores to MCC and will be advised on the appropriate sections to take.
  • Students with a score of 3 or higher on the CEEB Advanced Placement English exam may be exempt from the Writing and Reading Skills sections.

Students may retest on NC DAP ACCUPLACER based upon recommendation of the Director of Counseling Services, Special Programs Assistant, or Enrollment Coordinator. A student may test only twice while enrolled at the College whitin a period of five years.

Applicants to any Allied Health Program must take the required assessment inventories to meet entrance requirements. Medical Assisting, Dental Assisting, and Practical Nursing applicants are not exempt from taking NC DAP ACCUPLACER.

Special assessment accommodations for students with special needs are also available upon request along with appropriate documentation. Students with special needs should contact Natalie Winfree, Director of Counseling Services prior to scheduling their placement test to ensure that appropriate accommodations will be provided. The Director of Counseling Services can be reached at 910.576.6222 ext. 210.

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