Wednesday, July 27, 2016
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Student Government Association


SGA President 2014-2015
Jada Greene, Associate in Science

Day Vice-President
Jessie Roberts, Associate in Arts

Evening Vice-President

Aaron Gauldin, Associate in Arts

Public Information Officer

Riley Beaman, Crystal Thomas





Student Ambassadors 2014-2015


Michael Frye - Forest Management Technology

Austin Midkiff, Gunsmithing

Jessie Roberts - Associate in Arts

Nickolas Tesh - Gunsmithing







SGA Constitution
SGA Clubs & Organizations


Alpha Beta Chi (Early Childhood) Darlene Brown
Beta Xi Omicron Club (Phi Theta Kappa) Robert Nelson, Cyndi Caviness
Criminal Justice Club Tracey Wyrick
Dental Assisting Club Lori McAllister
Electrical Systems Club  
Forestry Club Russell Strong, Mike Thompson
Gunsmithing Society Mark Dye
Human Services Amy Frieary
Medical Assisting Club Cyndi Caviness
Minority Male Mentoring Club Crystal Thomas
Phi Beta Lambda (Business Technologies) Mike Collins
Practical Nursing Club Lynne Hancock
Student Ambassadors Riley Beaman
Trailblazer Shooting Team Mark Dye



All curriculum students at Montgomery Community College are members of the Student Government Association (SGA) and have the opportunity to participate in the organization and control of student affairs. The SGA is the official governing agency representing the students. Students receive experience in responsible citizenship through participating in student government activities. Activities such as sports, dances, picnics, socials, and student publications are supervised and approved by the SGA, the SGA advisor, and the Vice President of Student Services, as well as the President's Administrative Cabinet of the College.


Activities such as sports, picnics, socials, and student publications are supervised and approved by the SGA and the Vice President of Student Services. Final approval of SGA activities comes from the Vice President of Student Services. Appeals concerning the Vice President's decisions may be made in accordance with provisions set forth in the SGA Constitution.

Procedures for Handling Funds

All chartered student organizations including the SGA must utilize the same purchasing procedures established by the Business Office for all college departments and divisions. Student organizations soliciting funds in the name of the College must deposit these funds through the Business Office. The Vice President of Student Services must approve any solicitation of funds, goods, or services by any club or organization affiliated with the MCC Student Government Association.

Fundraising and Solicitation

College buildings or campus spaces may not be used to raise funds for individuals or organizations except for officially recognized college projects or organizations that have obtained prior approval from the President or her designee.

Classes, clubs, or other college groups planning to solicit contributions or to sell goods or services must request approval in writing from the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. before the fundraising activity takes place.

Political candidates or their representatives may set up a table in the Student Lounge or just outside the lounge to talk with interested persons. Candidates or their representatives must obtain prior approval from the Vice President of Student Services prior to coming on campus. No posters should be used to announce their coming or presence except those that can be attached to the table they are using. Campaign literature may be distributed at the specified locations to persons visiting the candidates or their representatives.

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