Wednesday, July 27, 2016
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Institutional Effectiveness: Research Requests

The Division of Institutional Development conducts institutional research and produces reports as requested. The scope of the request as well as the current work load within the division will impact the amount of time required for a complete response. In general, the greater the size and complexity of the request, the more time will be needed. It is best to consult with division staff as soon as possible regarding your research and reporting needs to ensure a timely response to your request.

Research services:

  • Development and implementation of surveys; survey results reports
  • Access NCCCS Data Warehouse* for data at state, institution, and program levels
  • Conduct program feasibility studies
  • Collect data for planning and assessment
  • Grants and grantwriting research

Datatel/Colleague provides access to state-level information, such as:

  • Student continuing education enrollment
  • Student curriculum enrollment
  • Faculty and staff employment
  • Student and personnel diversity
  • FTE reports
  • Enrollment by program
  • Membership hour information for each course
  • Student attendance
  • Program completions
  • School performance
  • Financial aid awards

Standardized reports are available (complete listing), or reports can be generated from selected datasets.

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