Wednesday, November 26, 2014
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Institutional Effectiveness: Performance Measures

The North Carolina Community College System designates eight performance measures as core indicators of student success.

Both internal and external measures are taken throughout the year, according to the NCCCS Annual Reporting Plan, and submitted to the NCCCS who publishes in June, results for each community college in the Performance Measures document. Any standard not met requires an action plan for improving performance that must be submitted to the State Board of Community Colleges. The Planning Council and the President’s Cabinet evaluate the results and work with appropriate divisions/departments to enhance performance as needed.

NCCCS 2014 Performance Measures

NCCCS 2013 Performance Measures

MCC Performance Measures 2012

MCC Performance Measures 2011

MCC Performance Measures 2010

MCC Performance Measures 2009

MCC Performance Measures 2008

MCC Performance Measures 2007

(Note: Reports contain data for the previous academic year, i.e. the 2014 report contains data for academic year 2012-2013)


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