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Montgomery Community College Foundation Programs

Health Sciences Building Fund Ambassador Program Endowed Scholarships
General Scholarships Golf Tournament Sponsorship Mini-Grant Fund
Montgomery Scholars Program Named Scholarships  

The Montgomery Scholars Program

The goal of the Montgomery Scholars Program is to provide every Montgomery County high school graduate with a scholarship to Montgomery Community College beginning the fall semester of the year of graduation. The scholarship is designed to follow the student through to a diploma and/or associate degree.

Scholarship Qualifications: A student must -

  • Be a resident of Montgomery County and achieved a high school diploma
  • Maintain full-time status with degree or diploma objectives
  • Begin his or her studies the year of high school graduation
  • Agree to accept other scholarship funding in lieu of the Scholars program, if available
  • Complete appropriate applications following MCC guidelines and timelines.

Graduates from previous years do not qualify but will be considered for other scholarships.

MCC Foundation General Scholarships

General scholarships are awarded each year based on the earnings of the Foundation’s endowment. Currently, the MCC Foundation endowment is over $1 million. A typical MCC Foundation General Scholarship is $500 - $1,000. The award does not exceed the cost of tuition, books, and fees for any academic year.

Scholarship Qualifications:

Recipients must be North Carolina residents for tuition purposes as set forth by the North Carolina General Assembly. Priority will be given to Montgomery County residents first. Second priority will be given to residents of contiguous counties and then to all other state residents.

Applicants must have applied for the Federal Pell Grant by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid and results received by the Financial Aid Office. Priority will be given to students ineligible for the Pell Grant and to those students requiring financial assistance to attend college.

The student must be enrolled at least on a half-time basis in a curriculum program and must maintain a G.P.A. at or above the level required for graduation.

Named Scholarships

Named scholarships are awarded each year based on the number of donors who have generously contributed at least $1,000 to the MCC Foundation. Scholarship qualifications for named scholarships vary, based on the criteria set forth by the donor.

Endowed Scholarships

Endowed scholarships are awarded each year based on the number of donors who have generously contributed at least $10,000 to the MCC Foundation. Scholarship Qualifications for endowed scholarships vary, based on the criteria set forth by the donor.

To apply for a scholarship: Students should first visit the Financial Aid Office at Montgomery Community College or see their high school counselor and complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). All MCC general, named and endowed scholarships require this first step. Students should inform the Financial Aid Office of their desire to obtain a scholarship. The Financial Aid Officer will work with individual students to determine their qualifications for Students should fill out an Application for admission to Montgomery Community College (if not currently enrolled).

Student Ambassador Program

The Student Ambassador Program involves an honorary group of students who participate in public relations activities for the college. Student Ambassadors provide an invaluable service to the college by serving as liaisons between the college, the students and the community.

I. Purpose of the program
The student Ambassador Program involves an honorary group of students who participate in public relations activities for the college. Student Ambassadors provide an invaluable service to the college by serving as liaisons between the college, the students and the community.

II. Description of the program
Students representing a diversity of areas of the college and a variety of career goals and experiences will be selected to represent the college.
These students must possess and maintain:

  • a grade point average of at least 3.0 and full-time enrollment status
  • visible display of leadership and friendliness
  • visible display of effective communication skills
  • good standing in the community

In exchange for services rendered by Ambassadors, Montgomery Community College will provide the Student Ambassadors with a scholarship and Ambassador attire.

Ambassadors will be able to serve throughout their career at MCC provided that Ambassadors and advisor(s) evaluate their experience as positive.

Ambassadors will be expected to participate in training seminars to gain an understanding of the college history and of their duties. They will receive training in public speaking, effective presentation skills and etiquette.

Ambassadors will be available to conduct campus tours, host campus activities, speak to community groups and agencies, attend various events on behalf of the college, assist in registration and orientation and assist in student activities. Ambassadors will be available to the college during the day and evening hours, as well as on weekends. They will be expected to devote three to five hours (on average) per week toward their role as an Ambassador. However, Ambassadors will not be used to replace employees.

Student Ambassadors receive the special opportunity to participate in an honorary program and to grow in a personal and educational capacity.

What is expected of a Montgomery Community College ambassador? (Contract of terms)

  • Complete the required number of service hours requested each week
  • Attend requested events
  • Attend civic and cultural events at the college
  • Attend formal college events
  • Conduct campus tours
  • Assist during college days, agency days and career days
  • Work with Student Services Staff during registration periods
  • Assist Student Services Staff with orientation
  • Work with Student Government Association on special projects
  • Find replacement Ambassador if conflict arises with scheduled event
  • Check meeting and events schedule and student message board regularly
  • Wear specified Ambassador attire at functions
  • Attend at least 80% of all classes
  • Must conduct yourself in a friendly and professional manner at school and in representation of school

Other duties requested by faculty/staff

Ambassador benefits

  • Scholarship each semester/ summer session during Ambassador term
  • Navy blazer purchased for Ambassador
  • Ambassador tee shirt and sweatshirt
  • Ambassador name tag

Each Ambassador will need to provide his or her own khaki slacks/skirts to wear with the navy blazer as well as a white shirt/blouse. A nice pair of "decent length" shorts would be appropriate to wear with the Ambassador tee shirt.

Ambassadors will be excluded from further participation in the program if any of the following occur:

  • Loss of good standing in the community or college
  • Grade point average of less than 3.0 (overall)
  • Poor performance at Ambassador events
  • Failure to attend meetings or workshops
  • Poor attitude
  • Lack of enthusiasm and/or motivation for program and/or lack of support for fellow Ambassadors
  • Enrolled for less than full-time status during Fall & Spring Semesters (exceptions include transfer classes and schedule conflicts that might not permit Ambassadors to carry a full schedule)

III. Selection process
Students will be selected to serve as Student Ambassadors as need arises. A list of students who are enrolled full-time and have a 3.0 or higher GPA will be printed by the Registrar. These students will initially receive a letter inviting them to apply to the program. Students who wish to apply will obtain an application and a reference form from the Ambassador Advisor in Student Services. Candidates will be notified of the deadline for applying.

Interviews will be conducted by a screening panel containing representation from the respective areas of the college. The screening panel will review applications, reference forms and will rate applicants during interviews. Student ambassadors will be chosen fairly. The Student Ambassador Program selection process and the program itself will be administered without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, political affiliation, sex or handicap, as stated by the College's Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action Policy.

IV. Guidelines
Applicants will be rated by screening panel on the following categories:

  • 3.0 or above GPA
  • Full-time student -except when schedule prevents full-time status
  • Good standing in the community and institution
  • Willingness to complete the required number of service hours per week
  • Good reference report
  • Successful interview with screening panel
  • Willingness and flexibility to complete Ambassador Training sessions


The MCC Foundation funds selected projects of the College each calendar year. Grant requests are open to all areas of the College and all proposed projects must demonstrate a direct benefit to the College.

Mini-Grant Proposal Guidelines
Mini-grant Application

The MCC Foundation will fund selected projects of the College each calendar year. In order for projects to be considered for funding, a mini-grant proposal must be approved by your respective supervisor, Vice President and the President (if direct report). The President will forward the proposal to the foundation Board for final approval. Guidelines governing these proposals follow.

Project Requirements
Grant requests are open to all areas of the College, and all proposed projects must demonstrate a direct benefit to the College and enhance the student experience. Proposals for program support or other departmental projects must show that there are no available funds in their respective budgets. The proposal must include a method of evaluating the effectiveness or value of the request. For example, in a proposal for student emergency financial assistance, documentation could be provided indicating the number of students and the needs that will be met with Foundation funds. Funds available each year for mini-grant proposals are contingent on the success of Foundation special projects, i.e. Reverse Raffle, Golf Tournament. Proposals are funded for one year only and must be used by June 30 of each year.

Submission of Proposals
Proposals must be submitted to respective supervisors, Vice Presidents or President (if direct report) at any time during the fiscal year. Within five working days, the supervisor, and Vice President will recommend/not recommend the mini-grant application to the College President. The President will make a recommendation will to be presented to the Foundation Board of Directors for final approval. Grant recipients will be notified of funding within 10 days of submitting the grant proposal.

Proposal Reporting
By June 30th of each year, the administrator of the funded proposal will be required to present to the Board a narrative follow-up report on the outcome of the grant activities. This report should be specific in detailing purchases, sponsored activities, or other verification of expenditures.

Proposal Budgets
Each funded mini-grant will be expended directly through the Foundation Office. Grant expenditures should parallel the proposed activities and will be monitored through the President's Office. At the end of the grant period (June 30), any monies remaining will revert to the Foundation.

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