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Professional Crafts: Clay

Students may choose from a degree, diploma or certificate in Professional Crafts: Clay in a day program, or a certificate in the evening program.

Students may also choose to attend classes on a full-time or part-time basis.

The Professional Crafts: Clay curriculum is designed to prepare the individuals for employment as professional potters or in pottery-related fields. Using traditional and contemporary concepts, instruction includes technical knowledge, design skills, marketing and business essentials.

Course work includes development of basic and advanced throwing skills with a focus on form and design. Emphasis is placed on producing quality functional wheel-thrown forms with a creative and individual flair.

Labor Market Projections

Majors/Programs with Potential Occupations Job Openings Projected To Year 2014 in Pee Dee WDB Region Average % Total Job Openings In This Region Est. Salary Range +/-
Potter (working for someone) * * *
Pottery (self-employed) * * $30,000

* Indicates growth based on several variables for success. Consult your advisor concerning these variables.

Exceptional Facilities

The Professional Crafts: Clay studio provides 3,566-square feet of laboratory and classroom space. Learning takes place in a large, naturally-lit studio complete with a variety of electric pottery wheels, and a slab roller to combine hand-building with thrown forms. The studio also provides a separate clay and glaze-making lab with a large inventory of glaze materials, where students mix their own stoneware clay bodies on-site and recycle any waste so they have the freedom to practice with the clay and refine their technique. This area is equipped with a state-of-the-art filtration system that maintains safe, healthy air quality.

The studio houses several small test kilns, two computer-driven electric kilns, a Bailey forced air gas kiln, a portable Raku kiln, a site-built, 65-cubic-foot propane cart kiln, and a site-built, 40-cubic-foot salt kiln.

Extracurricular Activities

The Pottery Club is a voluntary campus organization comprised of students, faculty and staff at MCC. The club works to provide students with opportunities to promote their profession in the community, to participate in fundraisers and outreach activities, and to learn about people and agencies that play a vital role in the pottery field.

See Montgomery Community College's Professional Crafts: Clay program on YouTube.

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"You can learn to work clay anywhere you go but MCC teaches you true production techniques. I learned to make the most of my creative work time. After graduation, if I had a problem, I just picked up the phone and called. MCC teachers really support their alumni."

~ David Garner

Seagrove, NC


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