Wednesday, July 27, 2016
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Student Clubs & Activities / Student Government

student-activitiesWhere's the meeting?


Students at Montgomery Community College have a voice on campus through our Student Government Association. The SGA is comprised of representatives selected from each of our curriculum programs and meetings are open to all students. Contact Riley Beaman in Student Services for more information. Also, follow SGA on Facebook. Through our curriculum programs, MCC also offers other student organizations.

The clubs are:

Alpha Beta Chi (Early Childhood)                                                       Beta Xi Omicron Club (Phi Theta Kappa)

Phi Beta Lambda (Business Technologies)                                        Criminal Justice Club

Dental Assisting Club                                                                            Electrical Systems Club

Forestry Club                                                                                          Gunsmithing Society

Human Services Club                                                                            Medical Assisting Club

Minority Male Mentoring Club                                                           Practical Nursing Club

Student Ambassadors                                                                          Trailblazer Shooting Team        

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