Wednesday, July 27, 2016
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The mission of the Montgomery Community College Library is to provide access to information in a variety of formats and to serve as an integral part of the College’s teaching, learning, research, and service to traditional and distance learning students, faculty, staff, and community in direct support of the mission of the College.

The Library at Montgomery Community College and has over 20,000 books and subscriptions to current periodicals with back issues held for three years. Online resources are also available and can be found on the Library homepage. The Library is located in Building 200 with professional staff available to assist you with your needs.

The library has 16 student computers and three public computers with high speed internet access and general use software. Patrons are expected to abide by the MCC Internet Acceptable use Guidelines. Students may print free of charge to the library printer for course-related work. Non students are expected to pay ten cents per side printed.

For more information about library services, please see the complete Library Services Handbook.

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