Tuesday, July 26, 2016
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Attendance Policy

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Students are expected to attend all scheduled classes for which they are registered. Although special circumstances may cause a student to be absent, regular attendance is essential to satisfy regular course objectives. This is also true for the online student. Online classes have required log-in and activity dates and deadlines. Students should contact the instructor if an absence is expected or online participation cannot be met. Students who are not able to give the instructor a prior notice should expect to explain the absence upon return to class.

All work missed during absences must be made up. Failure to make up work which is missed will adversely affect the student’s final grade for the course. To receive credit for a course, a student must attend 80% of class and 80% of lab hours. When absences total more than 20% of the total contact hours for the course, a student will be dropped from a class. If extenuating circumstances exist, the student may submit an appeal and request readmission to the class. The Vice President of Instruction will review the appeal and make the final determination concerning readmission.

When students are absent from class excessively, the instructor should initiate follow-up procedures by (1) contacting the student, and (2) notifying Student Services prior to the student missing 20% of the class. Additionally, instructors must notify Student Services in writing (Unofficial Drop Form) when dropping a student from their class.

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