Saturday, November 28, 2015
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Fire, EMS, and Public Safety

EMT Basic $180 6-10 PM T/Th Mt. Gilead 9 AM-5:30 PM SA 9/14/15-1/30/16
This course follows the guidelines established by the NC Office of EMS to become an EMT. The enrollment requirements include a high school or equivalency diploma, or a 10th grade reading level (testing available at MCC). Students passing the course are qualified to sit for the state EMT exam. There is a required text and workbook (@$200). Registration fee ($180) for this course is waived for affiliated members of a public safety department.

EMS/EMD Online
Credentialed EMS/EMD providers looking for a more convenient way to earn their state-mandated continuing education units (CEUs) can now take their training online with Montgomery Community College’s continuing education modules.

EMS Online
Two online course modules are scheduled each month – one in Basic Life Support for first responders and EMT-basics, and one in Advanced Life Support for EMT-intermediates and paramedics.

Basic Life Support/Advanced Life Support Month
System Roles and Responsibilities July
The Acute Abdomen August
Bleeding September
Lifting and Moving Patients October
Assisting With Cardiac Monitoring November
Infectious/Comunicable Diseases December

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