Monday, July 25, 2016
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Online Training / Certification Classes

Online EMS, EMD, EFD & EPD Courses

Credentialed EMS, EMD, EFD and EPD providers looking for a more convenient way to earn their state-mandated continuing education units (CEUs) can now take their training online with Montgomery Community College's EMS, EMD, EFD and EPD online continuing education modules. New online modules are scheduled each month. Course fees are waived to any EMS/EMD/EFD/EPD with affiliation to a proper roster.

Each online course will have a PowerPoint presentation, article or video to watch as part of the course requirement. Students will have the opportunity to participate in online discussions with other students throughout the state. Courses are available for one week with a 10 - 20 question test at the end of the course. A score of 80% or higher will earn the student 3 CEUs. A total of 12 topics will be covered annually for a possible 36 CEUs.

To register for courses call (910) 576-6222, extension 508. You will receive a confirmation receipt via e-mail with login information. You may access your online course at

eduwhere logoRegulatory Compliance Training

The following topics are designed to meet employer requirements for training. Employees should check with their employer before signing up for any course to ensure requirements will be met. For a complete listing of topics, please click on the Eduwhere logo.

·Awareness Level Training for First Receivers

·Bloodborne Pathogens

·Bloodborne Pathogens and Infection Control for Electrologists

·Bloodborne Pathogens and Infection Control for Tattooing and Body Piercing

·Capacitación en Enviando Productos Peligrosos por Aire

·Control of Hazardous Energy (Lockout/Tagout)

·DOT General Awareness of Hazardous Materials

·DOT Hazardous Materials Shipping for Environmental Professionals

·DOT Hazardous Materials Transportation

·DOT Materials of Trade

·Fire Safety

·Hazardous Waste Management and Shipping for Environmental Professionals

·IATA Dangerous Goods

·Laboratory Audit Essentials

·Laboratory Safety and Chemical Hygiene

·Live Online MSHA Part 48 Comprehensive Annual Refresher

·Métodos de Muestreo de la Chimenea de EPA 1 - 5

·MSHA Part 46 New Miner 4-Hour Introduction

·MSHA Part 46 Refresher

·MSHA Part 48 Surface Mining Refresher

·OSHA 8 Hour Hazwoper Refresher

·RCRA and DOT Refresher

·RCRA Hazardous Waste Management for Generators

·Shipping Batteries (IATA and DOT)

·Shipping Infectious Substances (IATA and DOT)

·Shipping Infectious Substances by Air (IATA)

·Shipping with Dry Ice

·Stack Sampling Methods 1-5

·Toxicology: An Introduction

·Toxicology: Pesticides

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