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NRA Gunsmithing & Knife Making: Tool Lists


Due to the high demand for firearms and related products, we highly recommend you order supplies for your courses as soon as possible.


Tool lists will be posted as soon as they are received from the instructors.


Alternative Calibers Class- Jacob Porter

May 26-30

AR-15 style rifle suitable for caliber conversion


6” Steel Ruler

Depth Micrometer

Lathe Bits- Turning, Threading, Crowning

Hex Key set- Standard and Metric

File Selection

Drill Bit Set

Edge Finder

Emory Cloth- medium to fine


Dykem Layout Blue


60 Degree Thread Gauge (Fishtail)

Any Reamer and Headspace Gauge combination for calibers other than specified in the class description.

Contact Jacob Porter at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Thompson Center Basics- Mike Bellm

June 2-6

Firearms to bring:

Complete Contender frame, barrel, forend, and buttstock or grip

At least one complete Encore as above and if possible

One G2 frame, though currently G2 guns are in short supply

Good scopes, mounts, and ammo for the barrels for actual accuracy test firing student's finished product

(Student can bring more Contender or Encore frames to work on, time permitting)

Tune up parts and tools from www.bellmtcs.com, call Kurt Bellm 970 433 9525

Personal Hand tools and supplies:

Felt tip pen

Small hammer

Screw drivers and Allen wrenches that fit all screws in these guns

Large flat screw driver with approx. 3/8" wide blade

Bench top pad to protect table top

Bench block for driving out pins.


Advanced Thompson Center – Mike Bellm

June 9-13

Barrels to chamber or rechamber.  Encore barrels available from me or bring your own.

Chamber reamers.  Consult with instructor.

Choices of chambers to be cut MUST be approved in advance by instructor.

Test fire ammo

HDPE "plastic" rod for making lathe spindle/barrel muzzle bushings, this can be purchased at the class.

Good quality calipers repeatable to at least .0005"

Soft stainless steel (preferred) or brass shimstock in .001" and .003" thicknesses

Dial Test indicator, as used for dialing in mill vise

Co-axial dial indicator, Fowler brand or better with straight probe at least 3" long and smaller than bore diameter

Rectangular steel bar stock for making tool post holder for round shank tools, 3/4" x 1" x 3"

3/8" shank extra long 4 flute endmill for .470" base diameter chamber, 1/4" for smaller chambers.  Carbide preferred, but HSS ok.

3/8" shank carbide tipped or solid carbide boring bar

Edge finder

Ball bearings, best ABEC rated, 25mm I.D. for barrels with muzzle diameter .810" or smaller, 1.180" I.D. for larger muzzle diameters.  Ask instructor for part numbers.

For scope base mounting:

Weaver type scope base rail or picatinny rail (also available from instructor or www.bellmtcs.com)

#31 drill bit

#35 drill bit

#28 drill bit

#F drill bit

5/16x18 starting tap

Weaver No. 6 screw head countersink (from Brownells)

6x48 tap, bottom

6x32 taps, starting

Small tap wrench

Drill or reamer blanks .4375" for Encore barrels and .375" diameter if for Contender/G2 barrels

Small precision machinist level, such as Starrett approx. 2"

Hand tools and supplies to include:

Small hammer

3/32" pin punch

5/64" pin punch if for a Bergara Encore barrel

1/16" pin punch

Common feeler gauge set that goes down to .0015"

Masking tape

Bondo auto body filler, common grade or "gel"

3" pieces of 3/4" common pvc pipe for barrels with maximum muzzle diameter .810", 1" diameter for larger diameter muzzles

Lathe scraper for deburring

Fine cut file

400 grit wet or dry emery paper

Pistol cleaning rod, 6-8" long

Sharp scissors to cut shim stock

Good quality hollow ground screw driver for 6x48 Weaver screws

Small Allen wrench set

Felt tip pen


Factory Bolt Action Accurizing course- Ryan Flynn

July 22-26

All tools with order numbers are from Brownells Inc.

Factory Remington 700 rifle - Unaltered

Quality rifle scope

Quality scope rings and bases - Warne or equivalent

2 Boxes of premium grade ammunition - Hornady Custom, American Whitetail, or equivalent

1/4” and 5/16” HSS lathe tool bit

Standard and Metric Allen wrench sets

10” adjustable wrench

Exacto knife and 5 blades

¼” chisel

Dremel tool with ½” sanding drum, ⅛” drill bit, and #199 High speed cutter

220 grit aluminum oxide sandpaper - 1 sheet

3M blue painters tape - 2” wide

Test indicator and stand

Bedding tape - #084-092-101

Acra glass gel kit - #081-014-004

Screw driver set - #080-101-081 or equivalent

Punch set - #827-525-860 or equivalent

⅝” barrel bedding tool - #364-700-625

Brass face hammer - #818-600-100 or equivalent

TCE aerosol - #083-060-024

Scraper - #310-150-001


Metal Engraving (Beginner to Advanced) 2014

Power assist air tool or 7/8” to 1” engraving (chasing) hand held hammer

Some form of magnification - #7 optivisor or similar.

*Engraving tool bits – momax cobalt, momax m 2, Glen Steel or other engraving tool of high speed steel. 1/8” round or 3/32 sq. (3 minimum)

*Some means of holding the size tool steel (Air Tool or Tool Holder) you purchase.

Sandpaper 220,320, 400, wet or dry

Pencil, note pad

A live project (an object of value to be engraved)

Tape Clear - 1”

* The Instructor will have some engraving tool bits and tool holders on hand for purchasing if needed.

Bring any reference material, engraving tools, vices, or other relevant material you think you might need.


Lindsay Tools – airgraver.com, Click on red tool list

Rio Grande – 800-545-6566

GRS Glendo – 800-835-3519

Jantz Supply – 800-351-8900

MSC – 800 645-7270

Brownells – 800-471-0015

Questions about acceptable tooling or purchasing, – call Jesse Houser 910-428-3444


Ultimate Bolt Action Rifle Accuracy – James Messer

May 12-16 

Safety Glasses

Hearing Protection

High Quality Rifle Barrel (Barrel should not be threaded, chambered or crowned) should be tapered the way you want it to finish.

Rifle Action (preferably Remington 700 type, in that this type of action lends itself to a greater number of accuracy modifications. Other types of actions may be used, but the student should be aware that a limited number of modifications may be applied to Mauser type actions.)

Screw driver, hammer, punches, and assortment of files

Roughing Reamer, no throat (In lieu of roughing reamer, a piloted drill may be used.)

Vise Jaw Material (example rubber, plywood, aluminum, lead etc.)

Finishing Reamer with throat (MCC does have available most common caliber reamers with standard throat)

Bench Mat

Piloted center drill (This specialized tool can be purchased from Clymer Manufacturing Co., Inc., 1645 West Hamlin Road., Rochester Hills, MI 48309 ph (313) 853-5555., MCC has common calibers (MCC has a set you may borrow)

Lapping Compound, Course 240 Grit

Lapping Compound, Medium 320 Grit

Dial Caliper

60 degree Center Gauge

5/16 lathe tool bits ground for 60 degree threading and general facing and turning

Ammo for test firing

Note: Montgomery Community College will provide lathe and associated equipment. It will be the student’s responsibility to provide all other materials and equipment. Students can rent reamers from White Rock Tool and Die for a nominal fee.

White Rock Tool & Die, 6400 N. Brighton Avenue, Kansas City, MO 64119 (816) 454-0478


Basic Lathe-Chris Jackson

Safety Glasses

60 Degree Center Gauge

Inch Screw Pitch Gauge

10” or 12” Adjustable Wrench

Two ½” x ½’ High Speed Steel Tool Bit Blank

#4 Center Drill

6” Calipers

0-1” Micrometer

6” Steel Ruler

8” or 10” Mill Bastard Cut File

Inch and Metric Hex Key Set


1911 Essentials & Tools List

Essential Parts:

Series 70 Govt. Caspian frame and slide (unfitted)

Firing Pin (make sure it fits the firing pin hole in your slide)

Ed Brown solid barrel bushing

Ed Brown slide stop 087-810-000

Ed Brown or 10-8 Trigger

Ed Brown 1911 auto hardcore extractor for 45acp

Ed Brown extended ejector for 45acp

Ed Brown sear spring #087-825-100

Ed Brown disconnector #0878-000-100

Kart, Bar-Sto, Storm Lake, Scheumann, Nowlin, Les Baer, Nighthawk, Clark, Wilson Combat – oversize “gunsmith fit” barrel in 45 ACP

STI Sear - Brownells #791-101-110WB

STI Hammer (any style)

STI Titanium hammer strut #791-105-100

Oversize firing pin stop

Mag release button, catch and spring

Single-side thumb safety

Grip safety

Grip bushings and screws

Mainspring housing

STD GI guide rod and plug

18.5lbs. or 16lbs recoil spring

Firing pin spring

5-piece link set – Wilson or Nighthawk

Pin completion kit – Wilson or Nighthawk

Tools List:

Small Hammer

Screw Driver / Allen Wrench / Torx for grip screws

Flathead screwdriver for grip bushings

Punch : 1/16”, 5/32”

Dremel / Rotary tool

Slide / Frame rail file #080-753-000

6” or 8” single cut file

Medium and Fine grit stones for Powers 1911 sear Fixture #080-721-621

One piece 2000 grit wet dry sandpaper

1911 lug cutter .186” Brownells #080-000-062

1911 lug cutter .195” Brownells #080-000-063

Trigger track stone Brownells #080-721-230

1911 Auto hammer squaring file Brownells #080-811-001

Dremel #932 Aluminum Oxide grinding stone

Dremel #9901 Tungsten Carbide cutter

Dremel #9902 Tungsten Carbide cutter

Dremel #7105 Diamond wheel point

Dremel cut-off wheel

FP-10 oil (no substitutes- small bottle is fine)

Chisel-tip Sharpie markers (no other brand or type)

Small bottle for Isopropyl alcohol

Cleaning supplies

Bench block

Feeler gauges (automotive is fine)

Notebook and pen/pencil for drawing diagrams and blueprints

Felt bob #839-5000-025

Ceramic Stones #080-721-621


Welding for Gunsmithing

Welding Gloves- 2 pair (one light weight, one heavy)

Hearing protection

Note pad and pencil

Safety Glasses or Safety Goggles

Auto darkening welding hood (these can be found for about $50)

Welding Jacket (or heavy long sleeve shirt for protection of clothing)

MIG Pliers

Supplies may be purchased at any welding supply store and at some hardware stores.


Gunstock Checkering

Optivisor 2.5 Power

Checkering Set

20 LPI


Marks on Anything Pencil


Checkering Cradle (optional)



6” ruler

Practice Stock (Scrap Stock)

Bench Light

Possible Sources

Boyds 605-996-5011

Gun Parts 914-679-2417

Brownells 800-741-0015

Midway USA 1-800-243-3220

We Brownell 858-695-2479

If you have any questions call Tim at 1-336-859-5273


Smith & Wesson Double Action Revolver

Required tools:

Screwdriver set (preferably already fitted to S&W screws)

Drift pin punches : 1/16, 3/32, 1/8

Cup tip pin punches: Brownell’s #6 and #3

Fine india stone: 6”x ½”x ½

Small needle file set (not diamond files)

Feeler Gauge set

6” Barrette file (available from MSC supply)

6” or 8” mill or hand file w/ safe edge

Wet/Dry sandpaper: 2 sheets each 180, 240, 320, 400, 600

Small ball peen hammer 4-6 oz.

Small soft faced hammer

Wolff 14 lb rebound spring(s)

Smith and Wesson K, L, or N frame revolvers (1-4)

Test fire ammunition for firearms used in class

Brownell’s S&W hand window file

S&W rebound spring removal tool

Gun oil

Optional tools:

Forcing cone gauge

Forcing cone cutters

Headspace gauges

Dremel tool with accessories (particularly fine cratex tips)

Endshake bearings, hammer and trigger shims, crane endshake bearings

S&W crane stretcher

Crane alignment gauge

Oversized Power Custom competition hand

Barrels and/or sights for installation on student’s gun (contact instructor prior to class)

Endmills, drills, reamers, taps for installation of specific sights (contact instructor prior to class)

Please feel free to contact the instructor with questions or for recommendations about tools, accessories, or modifications that you would like to perform during the class. Mark Dye, 910-576-6222 ext. 242, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Gunstock Fit, Finish, and Alterations

Gun stock for refinishing

Stock to bend for cast or drop, must be side by side or over/under (optional)

Recoil pad(s)

Gunstock finish: Gun-Sav-R spray, Satin or Tru-Oil hand rub type finish

Stain (if desired for stock) Gale Lock Co., Antique Walnut

Sandpaper: 180, 220, 320, 400, and 1000 grits, 400 and 1000 can be wet/dry paper, all others should be wood sanding type

Brownells FFF rubbing compound

Rubber erasers


12” square

Ruler or measuring tape

3M brand: Blue Painters tape for Delicate Surfaces

X-acto knife

Coat Hangers

Cotton T-shirt material for shop rags

Gunsmithing Screwdrivers


Small Hammer

Optional items:

Checkering tools

Riffler file

Recoil pad grinding fixture

Most of the items on this list are available from Brownells. Remainder can be obtained from a local hardware store or wood working specialty store. Contact instructor with specific questions: Tim Carrick, 336-239-2244.


Shotgun Law Enforcement Armorer and Repair

Small Ball Peen Hammer (4-8 oz)

Plastic or rawhide non-marring hammer

Screwdrivers (Brownells Magna-tip or comparable)

Pin Punches (1/16 to 1/4)

2 small files (4-6" hand, mill or lathe cut)

Norton MF49 stone


Alternative Metal Finishes

Students are encouraged to bring a firearm or other item for spray-on refinishing. 

It is required that the students bring their own respirator equal to the 6300 respirator offered by Brownells:  http://www.brownells.com/gunsmith-tools-supplies/safety-equipment/respirators-accessories/6300-respirator-prod31772.aspx

Suppressor Class-Ronnie Beal

Left and right hand turning tool

Threading tool for inside and outside

Boring bar

Tap and die for the caliber silencer you are making

1/2x28 for .22 or 5.56/.223

5/8x24 for .30cal

.578x28 for .45

1/2x28 or 1/2x36 for 9mm

Drill bit for your tap size: 1/2x28=29/64 drill, 5/8x24=37/64 drill, .578x28=17/32 drill

Drills for through hole needs to be .045in over the diameter of your caliber

Materials for the build tube

For .22LR silencers the tube can be between 1in and 1.25in OD and between .020 and .045in wall thickness. Average length is between 5in and 6in. Can use aluminum or steel

For pistol calibers, use 1.375in OD and.045in wall thickness. Average length is between 7in and 8in. Can use aluminum or steel

For all rifle silencers wall thickness needs to be at least .045in. Average OD is 1.5in.Length can vary from 7in for 5.56mm, to 9in for .30cal. Must be steel, no aluminum, and must be welded.

All tubes can be bigger or thicker these are just average sizes.

Baffles-You can machine your own baffles from billet or use freeze plugs and make spacers (washers also work well). It’s highly recommended that you use freeze plugs because it’s cheap and easy, and you’ll have more time to tweak your design.


Basic Firearms Repair Tool List

Brownells Magna-tip screwdriver kit or the equivalent

Starrett drift pin punches, or the equivalent

Brass punch

Quality pliers, sharp-nosed as well as parallel- jaw

Non-marring hammer

Ball-peen hammer

This tool list is by no means complete. There are too many types of firearms out there that require specialty tools which would be too numerous to list.

In addition I would recommend the "Gun Digest" series of assembly/disassembly books.



Tool List:

6” Dial Caliper

6” Steel Ruler

Depth Micrometer

1” Micrometer

Lathe Bits- For Turning, Threading, Crowning

Hex Key set- Standard and Metric


Drill Bit Set

Edge Finder

60 Degree Thread Gauge

Thread Pitch Gauge

Feeler Gauges

Reamer and Headspace Gauges for calibers other than specified in the class description

Materials, if building a complete rifle:

Upper Receiver

Lower Receiver

Bolt Carrier Group (Caliber Specific)

Charging Handle

Barrel Blank

Barrel Extension

Handguard Assembly

Gas Block

Gas Tube

Lower Parts Kit

Stock Assembly





Basic 1911 Pistolsmithing Course

Tool Requirements List

Basic Tools: * Recommended, but optional

1911 style handgun

Dykem Blue *

Small Brass Hammer

Steel Bushing Wrench

Q-tips and Pipe Cleaners

Screwdriver Set

Dial Calipers

Punch Set (1/16" to 1/8)

1/8" Round File

Chainsaw File

Needle Files

Outside Micrometer (1")

Foredom Power Tool or Powered Dremel

3/32" and 1/8" Dremel Collets

Cleaning Rod/Patches/Brush

Eye Protection


Sources, Additional Tools and their part numbers:

CDCO (cdcotools.com):

Automatic Center Punch (Glass Break)-51108

(Also available at Harbor Freight)


Extra Narrow Pillar File '0'-360-312-131

Very Extra Narrow Pillar File '0'-360-312-021 *

Very Extra Narrow Pillar File '2'-360-312-041 *

10-8 Armorers Tool-100-003-708

Trigger Stirrup Die-080-710-045

Armorers Block-100-004-369

Additional tools that I will bring with me to class, and can be paid for at the class with either cash or check:

Sear Jig-$95

Special Bits/Tools-$90

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