Tuesday, September 02, 2014
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NRA Short Term Courses

Short-Term Gunsmithing, Knife Making, & Law Enforcement Armorer School

Welcome to Montgomery Community College's NRA Short Term Courses. Our courses are taught by nationally and internationally known gunsmiths, armorers and craftsmen who share their expertise in courses ranging from basic to advanced techniques. Most courses combine a hands-on and lecture format and range from three days to two weeks in length.

The college requires all students to complete and sign a registration form to take any class. You can access a registration form online by clicking the Registration Form icon on the right hand side of this page under the menu. You may either fax the form to (910) 576-5162 or mail it to Montgomery Community College Continuing Education Department, 1011 Page Street, Troy, NC  27371.

Questions or inquiries may be directed to the MCC Continuing Education Department (910) 576-6222, extension 511.


Also, see information about our curriculum degree, diploma, and certificate Gunsmithing program.

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Access tool lists by clicking on the link in the course description, or CLICK HERE for all tool lists. (Tool lists will be available as we receive them from the instructors.)

 Due to the high demand for firearms and related products, we highly recommend you order supplies for your courses as soon as possible.

orangeRegistration for 2014 NRA Gunsmithing will begin on November 1, 2013.


Alternative Metal Finishes: Brownells Staff   

July 14-18 (M-F)

Cost $125 plus $60 supply fee

This course will introduce the student to the alternative methods of firearm finishes other than hot salts bluing, with the emphasis on the various spray-on finishes.    The spray-on finishes that are covered and provided include Brownells GunKote, Teflon/moly, and Aluma-Hyde II.  Cerakote application is discussed, as is Duracoat, but those products are not provided nor demonstrated.  We will instruct in the use and preparation of Parkerizing and it will also be demonstrated. NiterBlue will be demonstrated, and the students will be able to NitreBlue some of their own small parts.  Students are encouraged to bring a firearm or other item for spray-on refinishing.   Spray-on finishes are provided in most of the colors Brownells carries, and there will be other supplies and air brushes available for the students to use.  This course gives the student instruction in the necessary surface preparation, air brush and spray-can application of the products, and correct curing procedures.   It is required that the students bring their own respirator equal to the 6300 respirator offered by Brownells: http://www.brownells.com/gunsmith-tools-supplies/safety-equipment/respirators-accessories/6300-respirator-prod31772.aspx  


Gunstock Checkering: Tim Carrick

July 22-26 (Tu-Sa)

Cost $125 plus $60 supply fee             

Learn layout and hand-cutting of a standard point pattern stock checkering. Topics will include layout and hand-cutting of a fleur-de-lis pattern, recutting of existing patterns including stamped checkering, repair of damaged checkering as well as staining and finishing of completed checkering.


Factory Bolt Action Accurizing: Ryan Flynn 

July 22-26 (Tu-Sa)  

Cost $125 plus $60 supply fee

This course will explore procedures that can be used to improve accuracy of factory Remington Model 700 rifles.  Students’ factory rifles will be shot to establish a basis of accuracy.  The rifles will then be subjected to a battery of accurizing techniques and re-shot to measure improvement.   Topics will include setting back and re-chambering of factory barrels, action truing, crowning, bedding, scope mounting, and trigger tuning.  Lathe experience is required for this class.


Basic Firearms Repair: Brian Casey 

July 22-26 (Tu-Sa)

Cost $125 plus $60 supply fee

Instruction will cover basic theory of firearms repair. Disassembly and reassembly, cleaning, and common repairs will be the focus of the class. Time will be devoted to the understanding of the design and function theory necessary for proper diagnosis of malfunctions and problems in firearms.


Smith and Wesson Double Action Revolver: Mark Dye 


July 28-Aug 1 (M-F)

Cost $125 plus $60 supply fee

This course will provide an overview of custom work commonly performed on Smith and Wesson K, L, and N frame revolvers. The main focus of the class will be geared toward action tuning of these revolvers for both competition and field use. Also to be included in the class will be instruction on barrel installation, shortening, and various sight installations. Advanced topics such as caliber conversions and metal finishing theory will be discussed as time permits.


Metal Engraving: Jesse Houser

July 28- Aug 8 (M-F, no weekends)

Cost $180 plus $60 supply fee

Class is designed for beginning, intermediate and advanced engravers using traditional hammer and chisel, bruin and power assist tools. This ten day class will be taught at an individual level for all students. Students are required to bring their own tools, supplies, and projects.


Alternate Caliber AR-15: Len Fagan    FULL/WAITLISTED

July 28- Aug. 1 (M-F)

Cost $125 plus $60 supply fee

The core area of concentration of this class will be primarily on the 6.5 Grendel and .300 Blackout caliber conversions. Students can expect to learn the steps necessary to achieve a professional rifle build, from conception through final assembly to the range. Reamers, gauges and other necessary tools will be provided. Lathe experience is required for this class.


1911 Essentials: Sam Hatfield 

Aug. 4-8 (M-F)

Cost $125 plus $60 supply fee

During this course, students receive instruction on the basic steps and principles necessary to build an accurate and reliable 1911 handgun from a former gunsmith from the Army Marksmanship Unit.  Topics will include slide to frame fit, barrel fit using the AMU "Hard Fit" method, trigger work, and fitting of various aftermarket parts.  Subjects such as sight installation and finishing will be discussed as time allows.


Gunstock Fit, Finish, and Alterations: Tim Carrick

Aug. 11-15 (M-F)

Cost $125 plus $60 supply fee

This class will expose students to concepts of gunstock fit such as: length of pull, pitch, drop, and cast. Strategies for measuring and altering these dimensions to better fit the shooter will be explained. Stock bending to adjust cast and drop will be demonstrated. Methods for re-finishing and repair of factory stocks will be covered, as well as installation of recoil pads and other stock accessories.


Shotgun Law Enforcement Armorer and Repair: Dean Arnold

Aug. 18-22 (M-F)

Cost $125 plus $60 supply fee

This course will provide armorer’s level training related to shotguns commonly used by law enforcement agencies.  Remington pump and autoloading shotguns, and Mossberg pump shotguns will be examined.  Other shotguns will be covered as necessary. Correct disassembly and reassembly will be stressed. Replacement of commonly broken parts and installation of some aftermarket parts will be discussed.


Suppressor 101: Ronnie Beal- FULL/WAITLISTED

Oct. 11-14 (Sat-Tues)

Cost $125 plus $60 supply fee

This class will provide students with the necessary steps to build their own legal suppressor.  A large portion of class time will be devoted to laws and regulations regarding suppressors and other NFA items.  Suppressor design theory will be explored in detail. Students will then build a legal suppressor.  Students MUST have an approved ATF form 1 prior to the class in order to legally build the suppressor! Lathe experience is required for this class.




Custom Folding Knives    FULL/WAITLISTED

Ed Van Hoy

August 28-31, 2014 (Th-Su)

Cost: $375

Design and craft a custom liner-lock folding knife. The instructor will show the basic principles and methods of construction required to make a folding knife. Design, machine work, drilling, tapping, grinding the blade and finishing will be covered. Each student will complete a knife using both machine shop and common hand tools.


Basic Knifemaking

Travis Daniel

September 18-21, 2014 (Th-Su)


October 30-November 2, 2014 (Th-Su)

Cost: $375

Learn knife-making by designing and making a knife under the guidance of the instructor. Each student will grind, heat and finish a knife using the stock removal method. This class is for beginners and intermediates who want to perfect their knifemaking talents. Each student will complete a knife.


Damascus Steel

Bill Wiggins

September 25-28, 2014 (Th-Su)

Cost: $375

In this course for beginners, students will learn the basics of making Damascus steel. This project-driven class will cover selecting steel that will make a good pattern, making a billet, using flux, welding by hand, pattern manipulation, and etching. Each student should complete at least one Damascus Blade, heat treat, etch, and final finish. If time allows more complex patterns and techniques can be demonstrated.


Forged Tomahawks

Tim Scholl

October 24-26, 2014 (Fri-Su)

Cost: $375

Learn to make adorned tomahawks using traditional forging, heat-treating, and handle finishing methods. Students will complete a tomahawk by the end of the course.


Introduction to Tactical Knife-Making

Barry and Phillip Jones

November 13-16, 2014 (Th-Su)

Cost $375

Learn fixed-blade design using the basic principles and methods of knife construction, including how to grind and heat-treat knife blades, as well as fitting and finishing handles.


Making Leather Sheathes

Travis Daniel

December 4-7, 2014 (Th-Su)

Cost $375

Every knife needs a good carry system. Design, cut out, and fit a leather sheath to an existing knife. Students should bring a finished knife for which the custom sheath will be designed.



The core area of concentration of this class will be primarily on the 6.5 Grendel and .300 Blackout. Students can expect to learn the steps necessary to achieve a professional rifle build, from conception through final assembly to the range. Basic machining skills are a must for this class; reamers, gauges and other necessary tools will be provided.

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