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Distance Learning

ADA Compliance Schedule: Online Courses


Helpful Information for Ensuring Accessibility

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Accessible Documents and Content

Using Heading styles and other built-in structures like ordered and unordered lists. All Online Course Content Delivered Spring 2016 By end of
Spring 2016 
Using real text-not text that is a graphic.
Ensure PDF files are accessible.
No blinking or moving text

Choices of text size, font, and foreground and background colors enhance readability.

Using alternative text for all images.

Accessible File Names and Hyperlinks

Using alphanumeric (abc, ABC, 123). You may also use the dash (-) when naming files. All Online Course Content Delivered Fall 2016 By end of
Fall 2016
Does NOT include spaces.
Does NOT include any special characters such as: &, ( ) % # $ ¢ / \ { } [ ] < > : ; @
File names should not exceed 31 characters.
Internet resources, including videos, can be navigated or operated with keyboard shortcuts.
Hyperlinks convey: Where is the link going? Why is the link provided? What else happens?
Hyperlinks that open in a new window are clearly marked as such.

Accessible Images, Charts, Graphs, and Diagrams

Tables have a designated header row, include a title/caption. Verify the reading order using the tab key. Suggested: Title/caption is repeated as alternative text. All Online Course Content Delivered Spring 2017 By end of
Spring 2017
Alternative text is provided for all images, charts, graphs, and diagrams.
Alternative text is no more than 125 characters.
The alternative text is meaningful and replaces (not describes) the images, charts, graphs, or diagrams.
A long description is included in images, charts, graphs, and diagrams that are more complex. This same description is available somewhere in the document that all readers may access.

Accessible Video and Audio Checklist

Transcripts are provided for all linked and embedded videos and audio files. All Online Course Content Delivered Fall 2017 By end of
Fall 2017
Audio and/or video files are not set at Auto start and do not loop.
Linked and embedded multimedia clips are captioned and audio descriptions are included when needed.
A link to the plugin is provided where needed.

PowerPoint Specific Accessibility

The slide show has been created using a built-in PowerPoint slide layouts. All Online Course Content Delivered Spring 2018 By end of
Spring 2018
Each slide has a unique title.
All content in the slide show appears in the outline view of the show.
All the information appearing in the outline view is in the same order as it appears on the slides.
All slide notes contain appropriate descriptions of images, graphs, tables, and charts that appear on the slides.
All word art has been replaced with real text, or a text alternative is provided in the notes pages.


ADA Timeline & Resources

Importance of Accessibility for Online Courses

As you create course content and evaluate publisher-provided materials, it is important to keep accessibility in mind to ensure that students with disabilities have acess to online instructional materials and this content is formatted to be used with assistive technologies, such as a screen reader.

Several US laws address accessibility, including The Americans with Disabilites Act (ADA), the Rehabilatation Act of 1973 (Sections 504 and 508), and The Indviduals with Disabilities Education Act of 1997.

Who is Responsible for Making Courses Accessible?

At Montgomery Community College, the instructor is responsible for ensuring that the content of their course(s) meet the ADA accessibility guidelines. The Department of Distance Learning will offer training each semester on accessibility topics. Instructors can attend these workshops or request one-on-one training by making an appointment with Distance Learning staff. Please view the schedule developed using the Virtual Learning Community's Online Course Accessibility Checklist that should bring all courses into compliance by the end of the Spring 2018 semester. 

Instructors should refer to this checklist as new courses are developed. Additional resources are offered (below) for instructors who would like to work ahead and on their own.

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